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Broader Terms:
   Holophaga/Acidobacteria ensemble 
   clinical samples 
   environmental samples 

More Specific:
   uncultured ectomycorrhiza 

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11.  Symbiotic chitin degradation by a novel anaerobic thermophilic bacterium Hydrogenispora sp. UUS1-1 and the bacterium Tepidanaerobacter sp. GT38.LinkIT
Ungkulpasvich U, Baramee S, Uke A, Kosugi A
Enzyme and microbial technology, 2021

12.  Depth-discrete metagenomics reveals the roles of microbes in biogeochemical cycling in the tropical freshwater Lake Tanganyika.LinkIT
Tran PQ, Bachand SC, McIntyre PB, Kraemer BM, Vadeboncoeur Y, Kimirei IA, Tamatamah R, McMahon KD, Anantharaman K
The ISME journal, 2021

13.  Microbiota Assessments for the Identification and Confirmation of Slit Defect-Causing Bacteria in Milk and Cheddar Cheese.LinkIT
Xue Z, Brooks JT, Quart Z, Stevens ET, Kable ME, Heidenreich J, McLeod J, Marco ML
mSystems, 2021

14.  Uterine Leiomyomas with an Apparently Normal Karyotype Comprise Minor Heteroploid Subpopulations Differently Represented in vivo and in vitro.LinkIT
Koltsova AS, Efimova OA, Pendina AA, Chiryaeva OG, Osinovskaya NS, Shved NY, Yarmolinskaya MI, Polenov NI, Kunitsa VV, Sagurova YM, Tral TG, Tolibova GK, Baranov VS
Cytogenetic and genome research, 2021

15.  Multigene phylogenetics of euglenids based on single-cell transcriptomics of diverse phagotrophs.LinkIT
Lax G, Kolisko M, Eglit Y, Lee WJ, Yubuki N, Karnkowska A, Leander BS, Burger G, Keeling PJ, Simpson AGB
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2021

16.  Bartonella spp. in Small Mammals and Their Fleas in Differently Structured Habitats From Germany.LinkIT
Obiegala A, Pfeffer M, Kiefer D, Kiefer M, Król N, Silaghi C
Frontiers in veterinary science, 2020

17.  Assigning Function to Phylogeny: FISH-nanoSIMS.LinkIT
Kitzinger K, Tienken D, Littmann S, Kidane AT, Kuypers MMM, Milucka J
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2021

18.  [Composition and changes of intestinal flora in septic mouse model].LinkIT
Zhao H, Kuang C, Li F, Leng Y
Zhonghua wei zhong bing ji jiu yi xue, 2021

19.  Antibiotic-induced alterations and repopulation dynamics of yellowtail kingfish microbiota.LinkIT
Legrand TPRA, Catalano SR, Wos-Oxley ML, Wynne JW, Weyrich LS, Oxley APA
Animal microbiome, 2020

20.  DeepMicrobes: taxonomic classification for metagenomics with deep learning.LinkIT
Liang Q, Bible PW, Liu Y, Zou B, Wei L
NAR genomics and bioinformatics, 2020