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Broader Terms:
   Holophaga/Acidobacteria ensemble 
   clinical samples 
   environmental samples 

More Specific:
   uncultured ectomycorrhiza 

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121.  Genome Sequence Resource of 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' Strain Myan16 from Myanmar.LinkIT
Zheng Y, Guo J, Deng X, Zheng Z
Plant disease, 2021

122.  Genomic and kinetic analysis of novel Nitrospinae enriched by cell sorting.LinkIT
Mueller AJ, Jung MY, Strachan CR, Herbold CW, Kirkegaard RH, Wagner M, Daims H
The ISME journal, 2021

123.  The fouling layer development on MD membrane for water treatments: An especial focus on the biofouling progress.LinkIT
Chen L, Wang Y, Chen Z, Cai Z
Chemosphere, 2021

124.  Mythical origins of the actin cytoskeleton.LinkIT
Ak?l C, Kitaoku Y, Tran LT, Liebl D, Choe H, Muengsaen D, Suginta W, Schulte A, Robinson RC
Current opinion in cell biology, 2021

125.  Phylogeny resolved, metabolism revealed: functional radiation within a widespread and divergent clade of sponge symbionts.LinkIT
Taylor JA, Palladino G, Wemheuer B, Steinert G, Sipkema D, Williams TJ, Thomas T
The ISME journal, 2021

126.  Metagenomic insights into the diversity of carbohydrate-degrading enzymes in the yak fecal microbial community.LinkIT
Gong G, Zhou S, Luo R, Gesang Z, Suolang S
BMC microbiology, 2020

127.  Single-virus genomics and beyond.LinkIT
Martínez Martínez J, Martinez-Hernandez F, Martinez-Garcia M
Nature reviews. Microbiology, 2020

128.  Investigating host-microbiome interactions by droplet based microfluidics.LinkIT
Tauzin AS, Pereira MR, Van Vliet LD, Colin PY, Laville E, Esque J, Laguerre S, Henrissat B, Terrapon N, Lombard V, Leclerc M, Doré J, Hollfelder F, Potocki-Veronese G
Microbiome, 2020

129.  Simulation of Enhanced Growth of Marine Group II Euryarchaeota From the Deep Chlorophyll Maximum of the Western Pacific Ocean: Implication for Upwelling Impact on Microbial Functions in the Photic Zone.LinkIT
Dai J, Ye Q, Wu Y, Zhang M, Zhang J
Frontiers in microbiology, 2020

130.  Diversity and Bioactivity of Endophytes From Angelica sinensis in China.LinkIT
Zhang XG, Guo SJ, Wang WN, Wei GX, Ma GY, Ma XD
Frontiers in microbiology, 2020