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   Carum carvi (tmin obyknovennyj) 

   Carum carvi (caraway) 

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Carum carvi
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31.  The photopic negative response in autism spectrum disorder.LinkIT
Constable PA, Lee IO, Marmolejo-Ramos F, Skuse DH, Thompson DA
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32.  Assessing the effects of non-optimal temperature on risk of gestational diabetes mellitus in a cohort of pregnant women in Guangzhou, China.LinkIT
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33.  Disparities of weather type and geographical location in the impacts of temperature variability on cancer mortality: A multicity case-crossover study in Jiangsu Province, China.LinkIT
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34.  Relative snowpack response to elevation, temperature and precipitation in the Crown of the Continent region of North America 1980-2013.LinkIT
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35.  Geographical heterogeneity and socio-ecological risk profiles of dengue in Jakarta, Indonesia.LinkIT
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36.  An Insight into the Anxiolytic and Antidepressant-Like Proprieties of Carum carvi L. and Their Association with Its Antioxidant Activity.LinkIT
Es-Safi I, Mechchate H, Amaghnouje A, Jawhari FZ, Al Kamaly OM, Imtara H, Grafov A, Bari A, Bousta D
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37.  Quantification of thermal dose in moderate clinical hyperthermia with radiotherapy: a relook using temperature-time area under the curve (AUC).LinkIT
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38.  Antifungal activity of selected volatile essential oils against Penicillium sp.LinkIT
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39.  Air temperatures and occupational injuries in the agricultural settings: a report from Northern Italy (Po River Valley, 2013-2017).LinkIT
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40.  Effect of Carum carvi essential oil on ERG6 gene expression and virulence factors in Candida albicans.LinkIT
Nasiri S, Shams Ghahfarokhi M, Razzaghi Abyaneh M
Current medical mycology, 2020