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   Carum carvi (tmin obyknovennyj) 

   Carum carvi (wild caraway) 

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Carum carvi
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21.  Substantial shifts in flowering phenology of Sternbergia vernalis in the Himalaya: Supplementing decadal field records with historical and experimental evidences.LinkIT
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22.  Safety factor for electrostimulation with nanosecond pulses.LinkIT
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23.  Experimental assessment of ozone risk on ecotypes of the tropical tree Moringa oleifera.LinkIT
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24.  Contrast-enhanced MRI T1 Mapping for Quantitative Evaluation of Putative Dynamic Glymphatic Activity in the Human Brain in Sleep-Wake States.LinkIT
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25.  A stochastic approach for modelling the effects of temperature on the growth rate of Bacillus cereus sensu lato.LinkIT
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International journal of food microbiology, 2021

26.  Antimicrobial, Antioxidant, Anti-Acetylcholinesterase, Antidiabetic, and Pharmacokinetic Properties of Carum carvi L. and Coriandrum sativum L. Essential Oils Alone and in Combination.LinkIT
Hajlaoui H, Arraouadi S, Noumi E, Aouadi K, Adnan M, Khan MA, Kadri A, Snoussi M
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27.  Night Temperature Determines the Interannual Yield Variation in Hybrid and Inbred Rice Widely Used in Central China Through Different Effects on Reproductive Growth.LinkIT
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28.  Sonication treatment of pomegranate juice containing Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Byssochlamys fulva: Thermodynamic and predictive modeling after treatment and during shelf life.LinkIT
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29.  [Separation and identification of impurities from intermediates of istradefylline].LinkIT
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30.  Caraway (Carum carvi L.): Anther Culture and Production of DH Plants Caraway.LinkIT
Smýkalová I, Horá?ek J
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2021