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   Phoronida (phoronids) 

   Phoronida (phoronids) 

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   Animalia (animals) 

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61.  Complete nucleotide sequences of mitochondrial genomes of two solitary entoprocts, Loxocorone allax and Loxosomella aloxiata: implications for lophotrochozoan phylogeny.LinkIT
Yokobori S, Iseto T, Asakawa S, Sasaki T, Shimizu N, Yamagishi A, Oshima T, Hirose E
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2008

62.  Broad phylogenomic sampling improves resolution of the animal tree of life.LinkIT
Dunn CW, Hejnol A, Matus DQ, Pang K, Browne WE, Smith SA, Seaver E, Rouse GW, Obst M, Edgecombe GD, Sørensen MV, Haddock SH, Schmidt-Rhaesa A, Okusu A, Kristensen RM, Wheeler WC, Martindale MQ, Giribet G
Nature, 2008

63.  Multigene analysis of lophophorate and chaetognath phylogenetic relationships.LinkIT
Helmkampf M, Bruchhaus I, Hausdorf B
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2008

64.  Giant actinotroch, a larva of Phoronida from the South China Sea: the giant larva phenomenon.LinkIT
Temereva EN, Malakhov VV, Chernyshev AV
Doklady biological sciences : proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Biological sciences sections, 2007

65.  Trimeric coelom organization in the larvae of Phoronopsis harmeri Pixell, 1912 (Phoronida, Lophophorata).LinkIT
Temereva EN, Malakhov VV
Doklady biological sciences : proceedings of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Biological sciences sections, 2007

66.  Lophotrochozoan phylogeny assessed with LSU and SSU data: evidence of lophophorate polyphyly.LinkIT
Passamaneck Y, Halanych KM
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2006

67.  Challenging received wisdoms: Some contributions of the new microscopy to the new animal phylogeny.LinkIT
Jenner RA
Integrative and comparative biology, 2006

68.  Trochophora larvae: cell-lineages, ciliary bands and body regions. 2. Other groups and general discussion.LinkIT
Nielsen C
Journal of experimental zoology. Part B, Molecular and developmental evolution, 2005

69.  Larval and adult brains.LinkIT
Nielsen C
Evolution & development, 2005

70.  A waterborne behavioral cue for the actinotroch larva of Phoronis pallida (Phoronida) produced by Upogebia pugettensis (Decapoda: Thalassinidea).LinkIT
Santagata S
The Biological bulletin, 2004