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   Phoronida (phoronids) 

   Phoronida (horseshoe worms) 

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   Animalia (animals) 

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41.  Development of the nervous system in Phoronopsis harmeri (Lophotrochozoa, Phoronida) reveals both deuterostome- and trochozoan-like features.LinkIT
Temereva E, Wanninger A
BMC evolutionary biology, 2012

42.  Spiral cleavage and early embryology of a loxosomatid entoproct and the usefulness of spiralian apical cross patterns for phylogenetic inferences.LinkIT
Merkel J, Wollesen T, Lieb B, Wanninger A
BMC developmental biology, 2012

43.  Ventral nerve cord in Phoronopsis harmeri larvae.LinkIT
Temereva EN
Journal of experimental zoology. Part B, Molecular and developmental evolution, 2012

44.  Phylogenomics meets neuroscience: how many times might complex brains have evolved?LinkIT
Moroz LL
Acta biologica Hungarica, 2012

45.  Myoanatomy and serotonergic nervous system of plumatellid and fredericellid Phylactolaemata (Lophotrochozoa, Ectoprocta).LinkIT
Schwaha T, Wanninger A
Journal of morphology, 2012

46.  The complete mitochondrial genome of Flustra foliacea (Ectoprocta, Cheilostomata) - compositional bias affects phylogenetic analyses of lophotrochozoan relationships.LinkIT
Nesnidal MP, Helmkampf M, Bruchhaus I, Hausdorf B
BMC genomics, 2011

47.  Evaluating neurophylogenetic patterns in the larval nervous systems of brachiopods and their evolutionary significance to other bilaterian phyla.LinkIT
Santagata S
Journal of morphology, 2011

48.  Complete mitochondrial genome of Tubulipora flabellaris (Bryozoa: Stenolaemata): the first representative from the class Stenolaemata with unique gene order.LinkIT
Sun M, Shen X, Liu H, Liu X, Wu Z, Liu B
Marine genomics, 2011

49.  Molecular paleobiological insights into the origin of the Brachiopoda.LinkIT
Sperling EA, Pisani D, Peterson KJ
Evolution & development, 2011

50.  A twist in time--the evolution of spiral cleavage in the light of animal phylogeny.LinkIT
Hejnol A
Integrative and comparative biology, 2010