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   Melanitta perspicillata (plaster-bill) 

Broader Terms:
   Anatidae (geese) 
   Anseriformes (geese) 
   Melanitta (scoters) 
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31.  Building atomic models based on near atomic resolution cryoEM maps with existing tools.LinkIT
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32.  Review of five species of cyclocoelids (Digenea: Cyclocoelidae) from aquatic birds in Mexico with notes on their interspecific variation.LinkIT
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33.  Phlegmariurusvanuatuensis (Huperzioideae, Lycopodiaceae) a new species from Vanuatu, re-circumscription of P.nummulariifolius and new combinations in Phlegmariurus.LinkIT
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38.  Tetrameres globosa (Linstow, 1879) (Nematoda, Tetrameridae) ? a nematode of the Eurasian coot Fulica atra (Linnaeus, 1758) recorded for the first time in PolandLinkIT
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