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   Negative effect platypus 
   Viroid/Satellite (Virus) 
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1.  Critical measurement issues in the assessment of social media influence on body image.LinkIT
Jarman HK, McLean SA, Griffiths S, Teague SJ, Rodgers RF, Paxton SJ, Austen E, Harris E, Steward T, Shatte A, Khanh-Dao Le L, Anwar T, Mihalopoulos C, Parker AG, Yager Z, Fuller-Tyszkiewicz M
Body image, 2022

2.  Evolution of low HER2 expression between early and advanced-stage breast cancer.LinkIT
Tarantino P, Gandini S, Nicolò E, Trillo P, Giugliano F, Zagami P, Vivanet G, Bellerba F, Trapani D, Marra A, Esposito A, Criscitiello C, Viale G, Curigliano G
European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990), 2022

3.  Alkaloids from the stem barks of Scutia buxifolia Reissek (Rhamnaceae): Structures and antimicrobial evaluation.LinkIT
Dahmer J, Marangon P, Adolpho LO, Reis FL, Maldaner G, Burrow RA, Mostardeiro MA, Dalcol II, Morel AF
Phytochemistry, 2022

4.  Identification and release kinetics of peptides from tilapia skin collagen during alcalase hydrolysis.LinkIT
Sun S, Gao Y, Chen J, Liu R
Food chemistry, 2022

5.  Rift Valley fever virus Gn V5-epitope tagged virus enables identification of UBR4 as a Gn interacting protein that facilitates Rift Valley fever virus production.LinkIT
Bracci N, de la Fuente C, Saleem S, Pinkham C, Narayanan A, García-Sastre A, Balaraman V, Richt JA, Wilson W, Kehn-Hall K
Virology, 2022

6.  The My Strengths Training for Life? program: Rationale, logic model, and description of a strengths-based intervention for young people experiencing homelessness.LinkIT
Cumming J, Whiting R, Parry BJ, Clarke FJ, Holland MJG, Cooley SJ, Quinton ML
Evaluation and program planning, 2022

7.  New method for production of 155Tb via 155Dy by irradiation of natGd by medium energy alpha particles.LinkIT
Moiseeva AN, Aliev RA, Furkina EB, Novikov VI, Unezhev VN
Nuclear medicine and biology, 2021

8.  miR-424-5p overexpression inhibits LPS-stimulated inflammatory response in bovine endometrial epithelial cells by targeting IRAK2.LinkIT
Umar T, Ma X, Yin B, Umer S, Zahoor A, Akhtar M, Umar Z, Shaukat A, Deng G
Journal of reproductive immunology, 2021

9.  Improved removal performance of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria in sand filtration system with arginine modified biochar amendment.LinkIT
Zhang M, He L, Zhang X, Wang S, Zhang B, Hsieh L, Yang K, Tong M
Water research, 2021

10.  Learning from gain and loss: Links to suicide risk.LinkIT
Dixon-Gordon KL, Waite EE, Ammerman BA, Haliczer LA, Boudreaux ED, Rathlev N, Cohen AL
Journal of psychiatric research, 2021