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   Firmicutes (low GC Gram+) 

   Asiocolotes depressus (Low Lying Gecko) 

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   Asiocolotes (Golubev's Geckos) 
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31.  A new 3D software for analysis and planning of lower limb and patellofemoral alignment: Reliability and accuracy.LinkIT
Degen N, Daniel T, Sass J, Keppler AM, Linhart C, Ehrnthaller C, Prall WC, Böcker W, Fürmetz J
The Knee, 2021

32.  Effects of solvent osmolarity and viscosity on cartilage energy dissipation under high-frequency loading.LinkIT
Hwang JW, Chawla D, Han G, Eriten M, Henak CR
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials, 2021

33.  Depression and generalised anxiety and associated factors among adults in Bhutan: Results of national cross-sectional survey in 2019.LinkIT
Pengpid S, Peltzer K
Asian journal of psychiatry, 2021

34.  Establishment and validation of a prediction model for intraparenchymal hematoma expansion in patients with cerebral contusion: A reliable Nomogram.LinkIT
Zhu Y, Xu L, Lin S, Chen Y, Han P, Lu Z
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery, 2021

35.  Fabrication and characterisation of low-cost powder metallurgy Ti-xCu-2.5Al alloys produced for biomedical applications.LinkIT
Alshammari Y, Yang F, Bolzoni L
Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials, 2021

36.  Novel target sites for soybean yield enhancement by photosynthesis.LinkIT
Yang Y, Wang L, Che Z, Wang R, Cui R, Xu H, Chu S, Jiao Y, Zhang H, Yu D, Zhang D
Journal of plant physiology, 2021

37.  Streamlining the decision-making process for international DNA kinship matching using Worldwide allele frequencies and tailored cutoff log10LR thresholds.LinkIT
Laurent FX, Fischer A, Oldt RF, Kanthaswamy S, Buckleton JS, Hitchin S
Forensic science international. Genetics, 2021

38.  Post-silking 15N labelling reveals an enhanced nitrogen allocation to leaves in modern maize (Zea mays) genotypes.LinkIT
Fernandez JA, Nippert JB, Prasad PVV, Messina CD, Ciampitti IA
Journal of plant physiology, 2021

39.  Performance of a deep learning-based lung nodule detection system as an alternative reader in a Chinese lung cancer screening program.LinkIT
Cui X, Zheng S, Heuvelmans MA, Du Y, Sidorenkov G, Fan S, Li Y, Xie Y, Zhu Z, Dorrius MD, Zhao Y, Veldhuis RNJ, de Bock GH, Oudkerk M, van Ooijen PMA, Vliegenthart R, Ye Z
European journal of radiology, 2021

40.  Rapid screening of chemical warfare agents (nerve agents) using dimethyl methylphosphonate as simulant substances in beverages by hollow fiber membrane-protected solid phase microextraction followed by corona discharge ion mobility spectrometry.LinkIT
Asadi S, Maddah B
Journal of chromatography. A, 2021