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   Kinorhyncha (kinorhynchs) 

   Kinorhyncha (kinorhynchs) 

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   Animalia (Animal) 

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1.  Microbial Metazoa Are Microbes Too.LinkIT
Bik HM
mSystems, 2019

2.  Neuroanatomy of mud dragons: a comprehensive view of the nervous system in Echinoderes (Kinorhyncha) by confocal laser scanning microscopy.LinkIT
Herranz M, Leander BS, Pardos F, Boyle MJ
BMC evolutionary biology, 2019

3.  The Qingjiang biota-A Burgess Shale-type fossil Lagerstätte from the early Cambrian of South China.LinkIT
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4.  New mud dragons from Svalbard: three new species of Cristaphyes and the first Arctic species of Pycnophyes (Kinorhyncha: Allomalorhagida: Pycnophyidae).LinkIT
Sørensen MV, Grzelak K
PeerJ, 2018

5.  Echinoderes pterus sp. n. showing a geographically and bathymetrically wide distribution pattern on seamounts and on the deep-sea floor in the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Mediterranean Sea (Kinorhyncha, Cyclorhagida).LinkIT
Yamasaki H, Grzelak K, Sørensen MV, Neuhaus B, George KH
ZooKeys, 2018

6.  Description of a new kinorhynch species, <i>Paracentrophyes</i> <i>sanchezae</i> n. sp. (Kinorhyncha: Allomalorhagida) from the Gulf of Mexico, with differential notes on one additional, yet undescribed species of the genus.LinkIT
Sørensen MV, Landers SC
Zootaxa, 2017

7.  The neuromuscular system of Pycnophyes kielensis (Kinorhyncha: Allomalorhagida) investigated by confocal laser scanning microscopy.LinkIT
Altenburger A
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8.  Does the kinorhynch have a hydrophobic body surface? Measurement of the wettability of a meiobenthic metazoan.LinkIT
Ishii D, Yamasaki H, Uozumi R, Hirose E
Royal Society open science, 2016

9.  Mitochondrial Genomes of Kinorhyncha: trnM Duplication and New Gene Orders within Animals.LinkIT
Popova OV, Mikhailov KV, Nikitin MA, Logacheva MD, Penin AA, Muntyan MS, Kedrova OS, Petrov NB, Panchin YV, Aleoshin VV
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10.  Two New Echinoderes Species (Echinoderidae, Cyclorhagida, Kinorhyncha) from Nha Trang, Vietnam.LinkIT
Yamasaki H
Zoological studies, 2016