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   Foeniculum vulgare (Common Fennel) 

Broader Terms:
   Foeniculum (fennel) 

More Specific:
   Foeniculum vulgare dulce (Bronze Fennel) 
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91.  Phytochemical profile of fennel essential oils and possible applications for natural antioxidant and controlling Convolvulus arvensis L.LinkIT
Sabzi Nojadeh M, Pouresmaeil M, Younessi-Hamzekhanlu M, Venditti A
Natural product research, 2021

92.  Obstetric, neonatal and child development outcomes following assisted hatching treatment: a retrospective cohort study.LinkIT
Shats M, Fenchel D, Katz G, Haas J, Machtinger R, Gat I, Orvieto R, Kedem A
Gynecological endocrinology : the official journal of the International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology, 2021

93.  Evaluation of the Effect of Foeniculum vulgare on the Expression of E-Cadherin, Dysadherin and Ki-67 in BALB/C Mice with 4T1 Model of Breast Cancer.LinkIT
Mehralikhani A, Movahedi M, Larypoor M, Golab F
Nutrition and cancer, 2021

94.  Free-breathing fat and R2 * quantification in the liver using a stack-of-stars multi-echo acquisition with respiratory-resolved model-based reconstruction.LinkIT
Schneider M, Benkert T, Solomon E, Nickel D, Fenchel M, Kiefer B, Maier A, Chandarana H, Block KT
Magnetic resonance in medicine, 2020

95.  The inhibitory influence of toluene on mare ovarian granulosa cells can be prevented by fennel.LinkIT
Tarko A, Fabová Z, Kotwica J, Valocký I, Alrezaki A, Alwasel S, Harrath AH, Sirotkin AV
General and comparative endocrinology, 2020

96.  Unravelling the antifungal and anti-aflatoxin B1 mechanism of chitosan nanocomposite incorporated with Foeniculum vulgare essential oil.LinkIT
Kumar A, Pratap Singh P, Prakash B
Carbohydrate polymers, 2020

97.  A mechanistic approach to HPLC analysis, antinociceptive, anti-inflammatory and postoperative analgesic activities of panch phoron in mice.LinkIT
Gias ZT, Afsana F, Debnath P, Alam MS, Ena TN, Hossain MH, Jain P, Reza HM
BMC complementary medicine and therapies, 2020

98.  Protective effect of fennel, and its major component trans-anethole against social isolation induced behavioral deficits in rats.LinkIT
Raman S, Asle-Rousta M, Rahnema M
Physiology international, 2020

99.  Evaluation of Cross-Species Transferability of SSR Markers in Foeniculum vulgare.LinkIT
Aiello D, Ferradini N, Torelli L, Volpi C, Lambalk J, Russi L, Albertini E
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

100.  In Vitro Activity of Foeniculum vulgare and Its Main Essential Oil Component Trans-Anethole on Trichomonas vaginalis.LinkIT
Karami F, Dastan D, Fallah M, Matini M
Iranian journal of parasitology, 2020