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   Macrognathus aculeatus (elephant trunk fish) 

   Macrognathus aculeata 
   Macrognathus aculeatum 
   Macrognathus aculeatus (Lesser spiny eel) 
   Macrognathus aral (spiny eel) 
   Ophidium aculeatum 
   Sinobdella sinensis 

Broader Terms:
   Synbranchiformes (swamp eels) 
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81.  Monogenoids from the gills of spiny eels (Teleostei: Mastacembelidae) in India and Iraq, proposal of Mastacembelocleidus gen. n., and status of the Indian species of Actinocleidus, Urocleidus and Haplocleidus (Monogenoidea: Dactylogyridae).LinkIT
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83.  The effect of supplementation with fresh browse of Ziziphus mauritiana or Combretum aculeatum on feed intake, nitrogen utilization and growth of grazing range sheep.LinkIT
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