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   Macrognathus aculeatus (elephant trunk fish) 

   Macrognathus aculeata 
   Macrognathus aculeatum 
   Macrognathus aculeatus (Lesser spiny eel) 
   Macrognathus aral (Lesser spiny eel) 
   Ophidium aculeatum 
   Sinobdella sinensis 

Broader Terms:
   Synbranchiformes (swamp eels) 
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91.  On the structure of calonyctin A, a plant growth regulator.LinkIT
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92.  Production and characterization of fertile somatic hybrids of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) with Solanum aethiopicum L.LinkIT
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93.  New C26 delta-lactones from the Dufour's gland of the urticating ant Tetramorium aculeatum.LinkIT
Merlin P, Braekman JC, Daloze D, Pasteels JM, Dejean A
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94.  Molluscicidal activity of Solanum aculeatum (family: Solanaceae) berries against Biomphalaria pfeifferi, Bulinus globosus and Lymnaea natalensis.LinkIT
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95.  Penitricin, a new class of antibiotic produced by Penicillium aculeatum. IV. Biosynthesis.LinkIT
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96.  Neutrophilic nodules in the intestinal walls of Japanese monkeys associated with the neutrophil chemotactic activity of larval extracts and secretions of Oesophagostomum aculeatum.LinkIT
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100.  Histochemical mapping of alkaline phosphatase in the digestive system of a few teleost fishes.LinkIT
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