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1.  Zerconid mites (Acari, Zerconidae) in Inner Aegean Region, with a new record for the Turkish fauna.LinkIT
Urhan R, Duran EH
Zootaxa, 2019

2.  First insight into microbiome profile of fungivorous thrips Hoplothrips carpathicus (Insecta: Thysanoptera) at different developmental stages: molecular evidence of Wolbachia endosymbiosis.LinkIT
Kaczmarczyk A, Kucharczyk H, Kucharczyk M, Kapusta P, Sell J, Zieli?ska S
Scientific reports, 2018

3.  Phylogenetic evidence for a new species of Barbus in the Danube River basin.LinkIT
Antal L, László B, Kotlík P, Mozsár A, Czeglédi I, Oldal M, Kemenesi G, Jakab F, Nagy SA
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution, 2016

4.  Two new species of Euscorpius (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae) from Bulgaria, Serbia, and Greece.LinkIT
Fet V, Graham MR, Webber MM, Blagoev G
Zootaxa, 2014

5.  A review of the ectoparasitic mites (Acari: Dermanyssoidea) associated with birds and their nests in Slovakia, with notes on identification of some species.LinkIT
Ma?án P, Fen?a P, Kri?tofík J, Halliday B
Zootaxa, 2014

6.  Genetic heterogeneity reveals on-going speciation and cryptic taxonomic diversity of stream-dwelling gudgeons (Teleostei, Cyprinidae) in the middle Danubian hydrosystem (Hungary).LinkIT
Takács P, Bihari P, Er?s T, Specziár A, Szivák I, Bíró P, Csoma E
PloS one, 2014

7.  Back from the brink: the Holocene history of the Carpathian barbel Barbus carpathicus.LinkIT
Konopi?ski MK, Amirowicz A, Kotlík P, Kuku?a K, Bylak A, Pekarik L, ?ediva A
PloS one, 2013

8.  Sources for the forgotten 1912 discovery of the probiotic bacterium Bacillus carpathicus in Huslanka and the forgotten discoverer: Dr. W. S. Kindraczuk: pharmacist of La?cut.LinkIT
Bahry RM
Organon, 2013

9.  Permanent genetic resources added to molecular ecology resources database 1 April 2012 - 31 May 2012.LinkIT
, Abelló P, Ai W, Altmann C, Bernardi G, Bonato O, Burchhardt KM, Chen X, Chen Z, Cí?ková D, Clouet C, Cubeta MA, Garcia-Merchan VH, Gauthier N, Gibson S, Hala?ka K, Hamdi F, Hankeln T, Hochkirch A, Hrbek T, Jackson AM, Lin C, Lin SM, Macpherson E, Macrander J, Mare?ová E, Mendel J, Nowak M, Orti G, Palero F, Papou?ek I, Pascual M, Schmitt T, Semmens BX, Streito JC, Tian EW, Tseng SP, Veith M, Vete?ník L, Wang HY, Weyer J, Willis S, Yu H, Zhou Z
Molecular ecology resources, 2012

10.  Rare and asymmetrical hybridization of the endemic Barbus carpathicus with its widespread congener Barbus barbus.LinkIT
Lajbner Z, Slechtová V, Slechta V, Svátora M, Berrebi P, Kotlík P
Journal of fish biology, 2009