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Broader Terms:
   Bacteria regnum 
   Monera (monerans) 
   cellular organisms 

More Specific:
   Bacteria abnormis 
   Bacteria aborigena 
   Bacteria acuminatocercata 
   Bacteria aetolus (Sonoran Stick Insect) 
   Bacteria amazonica 
   Bacteria ambigua 
   Bacteria annulicornis 
   Bacteria apolinari 
   Bacteria baculus 
   Bacteria bahiensis 
   Bacteria bicolor 
   Bacteria bigranulosa 
   Bacteria brasiliensis 
   Bacteria brevitarsata 
   Bacteria capitata 
   Bacteria carrikeri 
   Bacteria chacoensis 
   Bacteria chaperi 
   Bacteria chiriquensis 
   Bacteria clavigera 
   Bacteria crassipes 
   Bacteria cubaensis 
   Bacteria culmus 
   Bacteria dentatocercata 
   Bacteria diademata 
   Bacteria divertens 
   Bacteria donskoffi 
   Bacteria dreyfusi 
   Bacteria ecuadorica 
   Bacteria fasciata 
   Bacteria ferula 
   Bacteria foliolata 
   Bacteria frustrans 
   Bacteria gracilis 
   Bacteria grossetuberculata 
   Bacteria hastata 
   Bacteria horni 
   Bacteria iconicoffi 
   Bacteria incolumis 
   Bacteria indifferens 
   Bacteria irregulariterspinosa 
   Bacteria krugiana 
   Bacteria laesa 
   Bacteria laticauda 
   Bacteria ligata 
   Bacteria lobulata 
   Bacteria longipes 
   Bacteria lugens 
   Bacteria magnifica 
   Bacteria mamillata 
   Bacteria maroniensis 
   Bacteria modesta 
   Bacteria montana 
   Bacteria mutica 
   Bacteria nigrolineata 
   Bacteria nova 
   Bacteria obtusa 
   Bacteria ornata 
   Bacteria pachycerca 
   Bacteria pallidenotata 
   Bacteria pan 
   Bacteria paramodesta 
   Bacteria parasanguinolenta 
   Bacteria pastazae 
   Bacteria peruana 
   Bacteria pichisina 
   Bacteria ploiaria 
   Bacteria quadrilobata 
   Bacteria quadrispinosa 
   Bacteria reclusa 
   Bacteria sakai 
   Bacteria sanguinolenta 

Did you mean: Bacterieae, Bacterium, Bakterium or bactéries?

1.  Necroptosis inhibition prevents long-term cardiac damage during pneumococcal pneumonia and invasive disease.LinkIT
Beno SM, Riegler AN, Gilley RP, Brissac T, Wang Y, Kruckow KL, Jadapalli JK, Wright GM, Shenoy AT, Stoner SN, Restrepo MI, Deshane JS, Halade GV, Gonzalez-Juarbe N, Orihuela CJ
The Journal of infectious diseases, 2020

2.  Danger-associated metabolic modifications during bacterial infection of macrophages.LinkIT
Dramé M, Buchrieser C, Escoll P
International immunology, 2020

3.  Persistent Legionnaires' Disease and Associated Antibiotic Treatment Engender a Highly Disturbed Pulmonary Microbiome Enriched in Opportunistic Microorganisms.LinkIT
Pérez-Cobas AE, Ginevra C, Rusniok C, Jarraud S, Buchrieser C
mBio, 2020

4.  Tetanus Toxin Synthesis is Under the Control of A Complex Network of Regulatory Genes in Clostridium tetani.LinkIT
Chapeton-Montes D, Plourde L, Deneve C, Garnier D, Barbirato F, Colombié V, Demay S, Haustant G, Gorgette O, Schmitt C, Thouvenot C, Brüggemann H, Popoff MR
Toxins, 2020

5.  Source Attribution Study of Sporadic Salmonella Derby Cases in France.LinkIT
Sévellec Y, Granier SA, Le Hello S, Weill FX, Guillier L, Mistou MY, Cadel-Six S
Frontiers in microbiology, 2020

6.  Development of enteric polymer-based microspheres by spray-drying for colonic delivery of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG.LinkIT
Akanny E, Bourgeois S, Bonhommé A, Commun C, Doleans-Jordheim A, Bessueille F, Bordes C
International journal of pharmaceutics, 2020

7.  Pathogenic Biohacking: Induction, Modulation and Subversion of Host Transcriptional Responses by Listeria monocytogenes.LinkIT
Eldridge MJG, Cossart P, Hamon MA
Toxins, 2020

8.  Bacteriocins, Antimicrobial Peptides from Bacterial Origin: Overview of Their Biology and Their Impact against Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria.LinkIT
Simons A, Alhanout K, Duval RE
Microorganisms, 2020

9.  Author Correction: Listeria monocytogenes impairs SUMOylation for efficient infection.LinkIT
Ribet D, Hamon M, Gouin E, Nahori MA, Impens F, Neyret-Kahn H, Gevaert K, Vandekerckhove J, Dejean A, Cossart P
Nature, 2020

10.  A microbiota-generated bile salt induces biofilm formation in Clostridium difficile.LinkIT
Dubois T, Tremblay YDN, Hamiot A, Martin-Verstraete I, Deschamps J, Monot M, Briandet R, Dupuy B
NPJ biofilms and microbiomes, 2019