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   Equidae (asses) 

   Equidae (zebras) 

Broader Terms:
   Perissodactyla (odd-toed ungulates) 

More Specific:
   Equus (horses) 
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Did you mean: As, Asa, Asae, Asarum, Ashe, Asheum, Asia, Asius, Ass, Assa, Assia, Assée, Asé, Aza, Aze, Azor, Azya, asaa, ash or assis?

1.  DNA methylation aging and transcriptomic studies in horses.LinkIT
Horvath S, Haghani A, Peng S, Hales EN, Zoller JA, Raj K, Larison B, Robeck TR, Petersen JL, Bellone RR, Finno CJ
Nature communications, 2022

2.  Clinical and biological risk factors associated with inflammation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.LinkIT
Ellulu MS, Samouda H
BMC endocrine disorders, 2022

3.  The impact of COVID-19 on fertility behaviour and intentions in a middle income country.LinkIT
Emery T, Koops JC
PloS one, 2022

4.  Eosinophils Restrict Diesel Exhaust Particles Induced Cell Proliferation of Lung Epithelial A549 Cells, Vial Interleukin-13 Mediated Mechanisms: Implications for Tissue Remodelling And Fibrosis.LinkIT
Niranjan R, Subramanian M, Panneer D, Ojha SK
Combinatorial chemistry & high throughput screening, 2022

5.  Slope analysis for the prediction of fluid responsiveness by a stepwise PEEP elevation recruitment maneuver in mechanically ventilated patients.LinkIT
Vallier S, Bouchet JB, Desebbe O, Francou C, Raphael D, Tardy B, Gergele L, Morel J
BMC anesthesiology, 2022

6.  Interaction of Th(IV), Pu(IV) and Fe(III) with ferritin protein: how similar?LinkIT
Zurita C, Tsushima S, Solari PL, Jeanson A, Creff G, Den Auwer C
Journal of synchrotron radiation, 2022

7.  [Equine anaplasmosis and equine piroplasmosis in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - previously anecdotal, now relevant?]LinkIT
Joachim A, Cavalleri JV, Berger S
Schweizer Archiv fur Tierheilkunde, 2022

8.  Biobank samples could help solve equine grass sickness.LinkIT
The Veterinary record, 2022

9.  Advances in Thermal Image Analysis for the Detection of Pregnancy in Horses Using Infrared Thermography.LinkIT
Domino M, Borowska M, Koz?owska N, Zdrojkowski ?, Jasi?ski T, Smyth G, Ma?ko M
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

10.  [Analysis of peptides and proteins from Asini Corii Colla using nano LC-Q-Exactive-MS/MS].LinkIT
Chu XY, S UM, Jia GH, Wang YT, Gu JJ, Liu HB, Ge GB
Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica, 2021