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1.  Nightmares, Chronotype, Urbanicity, and Personality: An Online Study.LinkIT
Schredl M, Göritz AS
Clocks & sleep, 2020

2.  The Parent's Chronotype and Child's Sleeping Quality in Association with Relationship Satisfaction.LinkIT
Ricci C, Parra-Robledo Z, Rothenbacher D, Díaz-Morales JF, Genuneit J
Clocks & sleep, 2020

3.  Validation of Oximetry for Diagnosing Obstructive Sleep Apnea in a Clinical Setting.LinkIT
Ito K, Uetsu M, Kadotani H
Clocks & sleep, 2020

4.  Mindfulness and Smartphone Addiction before Going to Sleep among College Students: The Mediating Roles of Self-Control and Rumination.LinkIT
Cheng SS, Zhang CQ, Wu JQ
Clocks & sleep, 2020

5.  Increased Resilience Weakens the Relationship between Perceived Stress and Anxiety on Sleep Quality: A Moderated Mediation Analysis of Higher Education Students from 7 Countries.LinkIT
Du C, Zan MCH, Cho MJ, Fenton JI, Hsiao PY, Hsiao R, Keaver L, Lai CC, Lee H, Ludy MJ, Shen W, Swee WCS, Thrivikraman J, Tseng KW, Tseng WC, Tucker RM
Clocks & sleep, 2020

6.  Adverse Neurological Effects of Short-Term Sleep Deprivation in Aging Mice Are Prevented by SS31 Peptide.LinkIT
Wu J, Dou Y, Ladiges WC
Clocks & sleep, 2020

7.  Sleep Network Deterioration as a Function of Dim-Light-At-Night Exposure Duration in a Mouse Model.LinkIT
Panagiotou M, Rohling JHT, Deboer T
Clocks & sleep, 2020

8.  MicroRNA: A Key Player for the Interplay of Circadian Rhythm Abnormalities, Sleep Disorders and Neurodegenerative Diseases.LinkIT
Kinoshita C, Okamoto Y, Aoyama K, Nakaki T
Clocks & sleep, 2020

9.  Work-Related Dreams: An Online Survey.LinkIT
Schredl M, Anderson LM, Kahlert LK, Kumpf CS
Clocks & sleep, 2020

10.  Sleep and Mental Health among Paramedics from Australia and Saudi Arabia: A Comparison Study.LinkIT
Khan WAA, Conduit R, Kennedy GA, Abdullah Alslamah A, Ahmad Alsuwayeh M, Jackson ML
Clocks & sleep, 2020