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   Epinephelus spilotoceps (Mur in ae en) 
   Naso hexacanthus (Ik in ae) 

   Himantopus mexicanus (yelper) 

Broader Terms:
   Ciconiiformes (cormorants) 
   Himantopus (stilts) 
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Black-necked Stilt - Aves - Birds Photo Pool

Himantopus mexicanus

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71.  Compulsive Internet and Prevalence Substance Use among Spanish Adolescents.LinkIT
Fernández-Aliseda S, Belzunegui-Eraso A, Pastor-Gosálbez I, Valls-Fonayet F
International journal of environmental research and public health, 2020

72.  Drinking Ice-Cold Water Reduces the Severity of Anticancer Drug-Induced Taste Dysfunction in Mice.LinkIT
Osaki A, Sanematsu K, Yamazoe J, Hirose F, Watanabe Y, Kawabata Y, Oike A, Hirayama A, Yamada Y, Iwata S, Takai S, Wada N, Shigemura N
International journal of molecular sciences, 2020

73.  Intracerebroventricular Neuropeptide FF Diminishes the Number of Apneas and Cardiovascular Effects Produced by Opioid Receptors' Activation.LinkIT
Wojciechowski P, Andrzejewski K, Kaczy?ska K
International journal of molecular sciences, 2020

74.  Best Procedure for the Management of Common Bile Duct Stones via the Papilla: Literature Review and Analysis of Procedural Efficacy and Safety.LinkIT
Ishii S, Isayama H, Ushio M, Takahashi S, Yamagata W, Takasaki Y, Suzuki A, Ochiai K, Tomishima K, Kanazawa R, Saito H, Fujisawa T, Shiina S
Journal of clinical medicine, 2020

75.  Multifunctional Opioid-Derived Hybrids in Neuropathic Pain: Preclinical Evidence, Ideas and Challenges.LinkIT
Starnowska-Sokó? J, Przew?ocka B
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

76.  A Pilot Safety Assessment for Recombinant Epinephelus lanceolatus Piscidin Yeast Powder as a Drug Food Additive after Subacute and Subchronic Administration to SD Rats.LinkIT
Su BC, Li CC, Liu CW, Chen JY
Marine drugs, 2020

77.  Redeposition-Free Deep Etching in Small KY(WO4)2 Samples.LinkIT
Mikalsen Martinussen SM, Frentrop RN, Dijkstra M, Garcia-Blanco SM
Micromachines, 2020

78.  Physical and Sensory Properties of Japanese Quince Chips Obtained by Osmotic Dehydration in Fruit Juice Concentrates and Hybrid Drying.LinkIT
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79.  Bypassing the Blood-Brain Barrier: Direct Intracranial Drug Delivery in Epilepsies.LinkIT
Gernert M, Feja M
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80.  Tofacitinib Loaded Squalenyl Nanoparticles for Targeted Follicular Delivery in Inflammatory Skin Diseases.LinkIT
Christmann R, Ho DK, Wilzopolski J, Lee S, Koch M, Loretz B, Vogt T, Bäumer W, Schaefer UF, Lehr CM
Pharmaceutics, 2020