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   Epinephelus spilotoceps (Mur in ae en) 
   Naso hexacanthus (Ik in ae) 

   Himantopus mexicanus (Hawaiian Stilt) 

Broader Terms:
   Ciconiiformes (grebes) 
   Himantopus (stilts) 
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101.  Changes on proteomic and metabolomic profile in serum of mice induced by chronic exposure to tramadol.LinkIT
Jiang S, Liu G, Yuan H, Xu E, Xia W, Zhang X, Liu J, Gao L
Scientific reports, 2021

102.  Adverse effects of iron deficiency anemia on pregnancy outcome and offspring development and intervention of three iron supplements.LinkIT
Zhang Q, Lu XM, Zhang M, Yang CY, Lv SY, Li SF, Zhong CY, Geng SS
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103.  Sewage sludge application enhances soil properties and rice growth in a salt-affected mudflat soil.LinkIT
Shan Y, Lv M, Zuo W, Tang Z, Ding C, Yu Z, Shen Z, Gu C, Bai Y
Scientific reports, 2021

104.  Effect of 5-HT2A receptor antagonism on levels of D2/3 receptor occupancy and adverse behavioral side-effects induced by haloperidol: a SPECT imaging study in the rat.LinkIT
Tsartsalis S, Tournier BB, Gloria Y, Millet P, Ginovart N
Translational psychiatry, 2021

105.  The Management of Sciatica by Acupuncture: An Expert Consensus Using the Improved Delphi Survey.LinkIT
Zhang N, Wang LQ, Li JL, Su XT, Yu FT, Shi GX, Yang JW, Liu CZ
Journal of pain research, 2021

106.  Validation of the Summit Lab Score in Predicting Exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Among Individuals with High Arterial Stiffness.LinkIT
Horne BD, Ali R, Midwinter D, Scott-Wilson C, Crim C, Miller BE, Rubin DB
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107.  Gastrointestinal Adverse Effects of Immunotherapeutic Agents: A Systematic Review.LinkIT
Dahiya DS, Wani F, Guidi JC, Kichloo A
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108.  Physiological Effects of N95 FFP and PPE in Healthcare Workers in COVID Intensive Care Unit: A Prospective Cohort Study.LinkIT
Choudhury A, Singh M, Khurana DK, Mustafi SM, Ganapathy U, Kumar A, Sharma S
Indian journal of critical care medicine : peer-reviewed, official publication of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine, 2020

109.  Beneficial effects of polyherbal formulation (Bronco-T) on formaldehyde-induced lung toxicity in male Wistar rats.LinkIT
Sholapuri P, Chintha V, Matcha B, Pradeepkiran J
Toxicology research, 2020

110.  Attitudes and knowledge of anesthesiology trainees to radiation exposure in a Tertiary care hospital.LinkIT
Ali MA, Salim B, Siddiqui KM, Khan MF
Saudi journal of anaesthesia, 2021