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   Zostera muelleri 

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   Zostera (eelgrass) 
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1.  Influence of variable salinity and low light on copper accumulation in the potential seagrass bioindicator, Zostera muelleri.LinkIT
Skillington A, Flint N, Anastasi A, Dwane G, Jackson EL
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

2.  The influence of plastic pollution and ocean change on detrital decomposition.LinkIT
Litchfield SG, Schulz KG, Kelaher BP
Marine pollution bulletin, 2020

3.  Revealing hydrogen peroxide as an external stressor in macrophyte-dominated coastal ecosystems.LinkIT
Twigg IM, Baltar F, Hall JR, Hepburn CD
Oecologia, 2020

4.  Stress Memory in Seagrasses: First Insight Into the Effects of Thermal Priming and the Role of Epigenetic Modifications.LinkIT
Nguyen HM, Kim M, Ralph PJ, Marín-Guirao L, Pernice M, Procaccini G
Frontiers in plant science, 2020

5.  A new colorimetric DET technique for determining mm-resolution sulfide porewater distributions and allowing improved interpretation of iron(II) co-distributions.LinkIT
Kankanamge NR, Bennett WW, Teasdale PR, Huang J, Welsh DT
Chemosphere, 2020

6.  Long-term decomposition captures key steps in microbial breakdown of seagrass litter.LinkIT
Trevathan-Tackett SM, Jeffries TC, Macreadie PI, Manojlovic B, Ralph P
The Science of the total environment, 2020

7.  Transcriptome profiling analysis of the seagrass, Zostera muelleri under copper stress.LinkIT
Shah Mohammadi N, Buapet P, Pernice M, Signal B, Kahlke T, Hardke L, Ralph PJ
Marine pollution bulletin, 2019

8.  Effect of reduced irradiance on 13C uptake, gene expression and protein activity of the seagrass Zostera muelleri.LinkIT
Kim M, Pernice M, Watson-Lazowski A, Guagliardo P, Kilburn MR, Larkum AWD, Raven JA, Ralph PJ
Marine environmental research, 2019

9.  Regional and Microenvironmental Scale Characterization of the Zostera muelleri Seagrass Microbiome.LinkIT
Hurtado-McCormick V, Kahlke T, Petrou K, Jeffries T, Ralph PJ, Seymour JR
Frontiers in microbiology, 2019

10.  Zostera virus T - a novel virus of the genus Tepovirus identified in the eelgrass, Zostera muelleri.LinkIT
Goh CJ, Park D, Lee JS, Davey PA, Pernice M, Ralph PJ, Hahn Y
Acta virologica, 2019