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   Zostera japonica (dwarf eelgrass) 

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   Zostera (eelgrass) 
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Common Names: dwarf eelgrass

1.  Seagrass vegetation affect the vertical organization of microbial communities in sediment.LinkIT
Sun Y, Song Z, Zhang H, Liu P, Hu X
Marine environmental research, 2020

2.  Plant morphology and seed germination responses of seagrass (Zostera japonica) to water depth and light availability in Ailian Bay, northern China.LinkIT
Zhang X, Zhou Y, Adams MP, Wang F, Xu S, Wang P, Liu P, Liu X, Yue S
Marine environmental research, 2020

3.  Cloning and activity analysis of the promoter of nucleotide exchange factor gene ZjFes1 from the seagrasses Zostera japonica.LinkIT
Chen S, Qiu G
Scientific reports, 2020

4.  Heat-stress induced expression of stress-inducible nucleotide exchange factor Fes1 in seagrass Zostera japonica.LinkIT
Chen S, Qiu G
Ecotoxicology (London, England), 2020

5.  Factors controlling the vertical zonation of the intertidal seagrass, Zostera japonica in its native range in the northwestern Pacific.LinkIT
Kim SH, Kim JW, Kim YK, Park SR, Lee KS
Marine environmental research, 2020

6.  Overexpression of Seagrass Nucleotide Exchange Factor Gene ZjFes1 Enhances Heat Tolerance in Transgenic Arabidopsis.LinkIT
Chen S, Qiu G
Plant signaling & behavior, 2020

7.  Optimal long-term seed storage conditions for the endangered seagrass Zostera japonica: implications for habitat conservation and restoration.LinkIT
Yue S, Zhang Y, Zhou Y, Xu S, Xu S, Zhang X, Gu R
Plant methods, 2019

8.  Ecosystem engineering creates a new path to resilience in plants with contrasting growth strategies.LinkIT
Soissons LM, van Katwijk MM, Li B, Han Q, Ysebaert T, Herman PMJ, Bouma TJ
Oecologia, 2019

9.  SMRT sequencing of full-length transcriptome of seagrasses Zostera japonica.LinkIT
Chen S, Qiu G, Yang M
Scientific reports, 2019

10.  Effects of salinity and temperature on seed germination and seedling establishment in the endangered seagrass Zostera japonica Asch. & Graebn. in northern China.LinkIT
Yue S, Zhou Y, Zhang Y, Xu S, Gu R, Xu S, Zhang X, Zhao P
Marine pollution bulletin, 2019