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   Zostera capricorni 

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   Zostera (eelgrass) 
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1.  Local patchiness of macrobenthic faunal abundance displays homogeneity across the disparate seagrass systems of an estuarine bay.LinkIT
Barnes RSK
Marine environmental research, 2019

2.  Trophic transfer of metals in a seagrass food web: Bioaccumulation of essential and non-essential metals.LinkIT
Schneider L, Maher WA, Potts J, Taylor AM, Batley GE, Krikowa F, Adamack A, Chariton AA, Gruber B
Marine pollution bulletin, 2018

3.  Metal concentrations in seagrass (Halophila ovalis) tissue and ambient sediment in a highly modified estuarine environment (Sydney estuary, Australia).LinkIT
Birch GF, Cox BM, Besley CH
Marine pollution bulletin, 2018

4.  The relationship between metal concentrations in seagrass (Zostera capricorni) tissue and ambient fine sediment in modified and near-pristine estuaries (Sydney estuaries, Australia).LinkIT
Birch GF, Cox BM, Besley CH
Marine pollution bulletin, 2018

5.  Microbial communities in marine sediments modify success of an invasive macrophyte.LinkIT
Gribben PE, Nielsen S, Seymour JR, Bradley DJ, West MN, Thomas T
Scientific reports, 2017

6.  Molecular physiology reveals ammonium uptake and related gene expression in the seagrass Zostera muelleri.LinkIT
Pernice M, Sinutok S, Sablok G, Commault AS, Schliep M, Macreadie PI, Rasheed MA, Ralph PJ
Marine environmental research, 2016

7.  Evaluation of Reference Genes for RT-qPCR Studies in the Seagrass Zostera muelleri Exposed to Light Limitation.LinkIT
Schliep M, Pernice M, Sinutok S, Bryant CV, York PH, Rasheed MA, Ralph PJ
Scientific reports, 2015

8.  Ontogenetic and sex-based differences in habitat preferences and site fidelity of White's seahorse Hippocampus whitei.LinkIT
Harasti D, Martin-Smith K, Gladstone W
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9.  Resilience of Zostera muelleri seagrass to small-scale disturbances: the relative importance of asexual versus sexual recovery.LinkIT
Macreadie PI, York PH, Sherman CD
Ecology and evolution, 2014

10.  Laboratory testing protocol for the impact of dispersed petrochemicals on seagrass.LinkIT
Wilson KG, Ralph PJ
Marine pollution bulletin, 2012