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   Zaglossus bruijni (Western Long-beaked Echidna) 
   Zaglossus bruijnii 

Broader Terms:
   Monotremata (Monotremes) 
   Zaglossus (Long-beaked Echidnas) 
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Common Names: long-beaked echidna, Echidné à nez long, Echidné de nouvelle-guinée, Echidné à bec courbe, Long-nosed spiny anteater, Western Long-beaked Echidna, Echidnos narilargos, Gewone vachtegel, New guinea long-nosed echidna, Equidna de nueva guinea, new guinean echidna, long-nosed echidna

1.  Quantitative analysis of forebrain pallial morphology in monotremes and comparison with that in therians.LinkIT
Ashwell KWS, Gurovich Y
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2.  Twentieth century occurrence of the Long-Beaked Echidna Zaglossus bruijnii in the Kimberley region of Australia.LinkIT
Helgen KM, Miguez RP, James L Kohen, Lauren E Helgen
ZooKeys, 2012

3.  Bothriocroton oudemansi (Neumann, 1910) n. comb. (Acari: Ixodida: Ixodidae), an ectoparasite of the western long-beaked echidna in Papua New Guinea: redescription of the male and first description of the female and nymph.LinkIT
Beati L, Keirans JE, Durden LA, Opiang MD
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4.  Sensory receptors in monotremes.LinkIT
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