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   Acacia homalophylla (Yarran) 
   Acacia neriifolia (Bastard Yarran (Au)) 
   Acacia omalophylla (Yarran (Au)) 
   Acacia oswaldii (Curly Yarran (Au)) 

   Acacia homalophylla (Yarran) 
   Acacia melvillei (Yarran (Au)) 
   Acacia omalophylla (Violetwood (En)) 
   Racosperma melvillei 
   Racosperma omalophyllum 

Broader Terms:
   Acacia (Acacias) 
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Acacia oswaldii
Australian National Botanic Gardens

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Did you mean: Yarrana or Yarranum?

1.  Aridity drives coordinated trait shifts but not decreased trait variance across the geographic range of eight Australian trees.LinkIT
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2.  Efficacy of Acacia nilotica aqueous extract in treating biofilm-forming and multidrug resistant uropathogens isolated from patients with UTI syndrome.LinkIT
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3.  Invasion of Native Riparian Forests by Acacia Species Affects In-Stream Litter Decomposition and Associated Microbial Decomposers.LinkIT
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4.  Possible mechanisms for generation of phenyl-glycoside-type lignin-carbohydrate linkages in lignification with monolignol glucosides.LinkIT
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5.  Influence of mycorrhiza and fly ash on the survival, growth and heavy metal accumulation in three Acacia species grown in Cu-Ni mine soil.LinkIT
Ultra VU, Manyiwa T
Environmental geochemistry and health, 2020

6.  Low risk of category misdiagnosis of rice syrup adulteration in three botanical origin honey by ATR-FTIR and general model.LinkIT
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7.  Comparison of the Sorption Properties of Fruit Powder Shampoos Using the BET, GAB, and Peleg Models.LinkIT
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8.  Evaluation of ensiled soy sauce by-product combined with several additives as an animal feed.LinkIT
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9.  Opinion on the re-evaluation of acacia gum (E 414) as a food additive in foods for infants below 16 weeks of age and the follow-up of its re-evaluation as a food additive for uses in foods for all population groups.LinkIT
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