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   Dirina (dirina lichen) 
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A polyphasic taxonomy of Daldinia (Xylariaceae). - PubMed: nov sp species

Nemania aenea macrospora
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1.  Recent progress in biodiversity research on the Xylariales and their secondary metabolism.LinkIT
Becker K, Stadler M
The Journal of antibiotics, 2020

2.  Phylogenetic and Chemotaxonomic Studies Confirm the Affinities of Stromatoneurospora phoenix to the Coprophilous Xylariaceae.LinkIT
Becker K, Wongkanoun S, Wessel AC, Bills GF, Stadler M, Luangsa-Ard JJ
Journal of fungi (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

3.  Two novel partitiviruses that accumulate differentially in Rosellinia necatrix and Entoleuca sp. infecting avocado.LinkIT
Velasco L, López-Herrera C, Cretazzo E
Virus research, 2020

4.  A new abietane-type diterpenoid and a new long-chain alkenone from fungus Daldinia sp. TJ403-LS1.LinkIT
Lin S, Zhang X, Shen L, Mo S, Liu J, Wang J, Hu Z, Zhang Y
Natural product research, 2020

5.  New paraconic acids from the endophytic fungus Xylariaceae sp. J4.LinkIT
Yuan C, Shu XC, Fan L, Zhang YB, Guan LL, Yu FL, Chen XL, Li G
Natural product research, 2020

6.  Xylaria insolita and X. subescharoidea: two newly described species collected from a termite nesting site in Hua-lien, Taiwan.LinkIT
Hsieh HM, Chou JC, Ju YM
Botanical studies, 2020

7.  Identification of Rosellinia species as producers of cyclodepsipeptide PF1022 A and resurrection of the genus Dematophora as inferred from polythetic taxonomy.LinkIT
Wittstein K, Cordsmeier A, Lambert C, Wendt L, Sir EB, Weber J, Wurzler N, Petrini LE, Stadler M
Studies in mycology, 2020

8.  Linosporopsis, a new leaf-inhabiting scolecosporous genus in Xylariaceae.LinkIT
Voglmayr H, Beenken L
Mycological progress, 2020

9.  Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Three Endolichenic Isolates of Xylaria (Xylariaceae), from Cladonia curta Ahti & Marcelli (Cladoniaceae).LinkIT
Cañón ERP, de Albuquerque MP, Alves RP, Pereira AB, Victoria FC
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2019

10.  Viromes in Xylariaceae fungi infecting avocado in Spain.LinkIT
Velasco L, Arjona-Girona I, Cretazzo E, López-Herrera C
Virology, 2019