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   Bracteantha bracteata (strawflower) 
   Helichrysum bracteatum (bracted strawflower) 
   Xeranthemum bracteatum 
   Xerochrysum bracteatum 

Broader Terms:
   Helichrysum (strawflower) 
   Xeranthemum (Immortelle) 

More Specific:
   Helichrysum bracteatum viscosum 
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Xerochrysum bracteatum
Australian National Botanic Gardens

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Common Names: strawflower, everlasting, Paper Daisy

51.  Lack of divergence in seed ecology of two Amphicarpaea (Fabaceae) species disjunct between eastern Asia and eastern North America.LinkIT
Zhang K, Baskin JM, Baskin CC, Yang X, Huang Z
American journal of botany, 2015

52.  Anti-inflammatory Hydrolyzable Tannins from Myricaria bracteata.LinkIT
Liu JB, Ding YS, Zhang Y, Chen JB, Cui BS, Bai JY, Lin MB, Hou Q, Zhang PC, Li S
Journal of natural products, 2015

53.  Growth inhibition of human liver carcinoma HepG2 cells and ?-glucosidase inhibitory activity of Murdannia bracteata (C.B. Clarke) Kuntze ex J.K. Morton extracts.LinkIT
Ooi KL, Loh SI, Tan ML, Muhammad TS, Sulaiman SF
Journal of ethnopharmacology, 2015

54.  Identification and characterization of anticancer compounds targeting apoptosis and autophagy from Chinese native Garcinia species.LinkIT
Xu D, Lao Y, Xu N, Hu H, Fu W, Tan H, Gu Y, Song Z, Cao P, Xu H
Planta medica, 2015

55.  A Tank Bromeliad Favors Spider Presence in a Neotropical Inundated Forest.LinkIT
Hénaut Y, Corbara B, Pélozuelo L, Azémar F, Céréghino R, Herault B, Dejean A
PloS one, 2014

56.  Bradyrhizobium ottawaense sp. nov., a symbiotic nitrogen fixing bacterium from root nodules of soybeans in Canada.LinkIT
Yu X, Cloutier S, Tambong JT, Bromfield ESP
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2014

57.  Protective effect of total alkaloids on lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury.LinkIT
Niu X, Hu H, Li W, Li Y, Huang H, Mu Q, Yao H, Li H
The Journal of surgical research, 2014

58.  Antiproliferative activities of Garcinia bracteata extract and its active ingredient, isobractatin, against human tumor cell lines.LinkIT
Shen T, Li W, Wang YY, Zhong QQ, Wang SQ, Wang XN, Ren DM, Lou HX
Archives of pharmacal research, 2014

59.  Identification of a hydrolyzable tannin, oenothein B, as an aluminum-detoxifying ligand in a highly aluminum-resistant tree, Eucalyptus camaldulensis.LinkIT
Tahara K, Hashida K, Otsuka Y, Ohara S, Kojima K, Shinohara K
Plant physiology, 2014

60.  High photobiont diversity in the common European soil crust lichen Psora decipiens.LinkIT
Ruprecht U, Brunauer G, Türk R
Biodiversity and conservation, 2014