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   Bracteantha bracteata (bracted strawflower) 
   Helichrysum bracteatum (bracted strawflower) 
   Xeranthemum bracteatum 
   Xerochrysum bracteatum 

Broader Terms:
   Helichrysum (strawflower) 
   Xeranthemum (Immortelle) 

More Specific:
   Helichrysum bracteatum viscosum 
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Xerochrysum bracteatum
Australian National Botanic Gardens

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Common Names: Paper Daisy, strawflower, everlasting

21.  Description and complete genome sequence of Bradyrhizobium amphicarpaeae sp. nov., harbouring photosystem and nitrogen-fixation genes.LinkIT
Bromfield ESP, Cloutier S, Nguyen HDT
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2019

22.  The natural compound neobractatin inhibits tumor metastasis by upregulating the RNA-binding-protein MBNL2.LinkIT
Zhang J, Zheng Z, Wu M, Zhang L, Wang J, Fu W, Xu N, Zhao Z, Lao Y, Xu H
Cell death & disease, 2019

23.  Cytotoxic Prenylated Xanthones from the Leaves of Garcinia bracteata.LinkIT
Zhang BJ, Fu WW, Wu R, Yang JL, Yao CY, Yan BX, Tan HS, Zheng CW, Song ZJ, Xu HX
Planta medica, 2019

24.  Bioactive scalemic caged xanthones from the leaves of Garcinia bracteata.LinkIT
Zhang BJ, Fu WW, Wu R, Yang JL, Yao CY, Yan BX, Tan HS, Zheng CW, Song ZJ, Xu HX
Bioorganic chemistry, 2019

25.  Climatic niche shift and possible future spread of the invasive South African Orchid Disa bracteata in Australia and adjacent areas.LinkIT
Konowalik K, Kolanowska M
PeerJ, 2018

26.  Bioassay- and Chemistry-Guided Isolation of Scalemic Caged Prenylxanthones from the Leaves of Garcinia bracteata.LinkIT
Niu SL, Li DH, Li XY, Wang YT, Li SG, Bai J, Pei YH, Jing YK, Li ZL, Hua HM
Journal of natural products, 2018

27.  Ants impact the composition of the aquatic macroinvertebrate communities of a myrmecophytic tank bromeliad.LinkIT
Dejean A, Compin A, Leponce M, Azémar F, Bonhomme C, Talaga S, Pelozuelo L, Hénaut Y, Corbara B
Comptes rendus biologies, 2018

28.  An arboreal spider protects its offspring by diving into the water of tank bromeliads.LinkIT
Hénaut Y, Corbara B, Azémar F, Céréghino R, Dézerald O, Dejean A
Comptes rendus biologies, 2018

29.  Premna grandipaniculata (Lamiaceae, Premnoideae), a remarkable new species from north Myanmar.LinkIT
Tan YH, Li DR, Zhou SS, Chen YJ, Bramley GLC, Li B
PhytoKeys, 2018

30.  Effect of Nepeta bracteata Benth. on allergic rhinitis symptoms: A randomized double-blind clinical trial.LinkIT
Hajiheydari MR, Yarmohammadi ME, Izadi P, Jafari F, Emadi F, Emaratkar E, Reza Abtahi SH, Zargaran A, Naseri M
Journal of research in medical sciences : the official journal of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, 2017