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1.  Xenacoelomorph-Specific Hox Peptides: Insights into the Phylogeny of Acoels, Nemertodermatids, and Xenoturbellids.LinkIT
Ueki T, Arimoto A, Tagawa K, Satoh N
Zoological science, 2019

2.  Microfocus X-ray CT (microCT) Imaging of Actinia equina (Cnidaria), Harmothoe sp. (Annelida), and Xenoturbella japonica (Xenacoelomorpha).LinkIT
Maeno A, Kohtsuka H, Takatani K, Nakano H
Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE, 2019

3.  Development of Xenoturbellida.LinkIT
Nakano H
Results and problems in cell differentiation, 2019

4.  Regulatory circuit rewiring and functional divergence of the duplicate admp genes in dorsoventral axial patterning.LinkIT
Chang YC, Pai CY, Chen YC, Ting HC, Martinez P, Telford MJ, Yu JK, Su YH
Developmental biology, 2016

5.  The nervous system of Xenacoelomorpha: a genomic perspective.LinkIT
Perea-Atienza E, Gavilán B, Chiodin M, Abril JF, Hoff KJ, Poustka AJ, Martinez P
The Journal of experimental biology, 2015

6.  Mesodermal gene expression in the acoel Isodiametra pulchra indicates a low number of mesodermal cell types and the endomesodermal origin of the gonads.LinkIT
Chiodin M, Børve A, Berezikov E, Ladurner P, Martinez P, Hejnol A
PloS one, 2013

7.  Acoelomorph flatworms are deuterostomes related to Xenoturbella.LinkIT
Philippe H, Brinkmann H, Copley RR, Moroz LL, Nakano H, Poustka AJ, Wallberg A, Peterson KJ, Telford MJ
Nature, 2011

8.  The phylogenetic position of Acoela as revealed by the complete mitochondrial genome of Symsagittifera roscoffensis.LinkIT
Mwinyi A, Bailly X, Bourlat SJ, Jondelius U, Littlewood DT, Podsiadlowski L
BMC evolutionary biology, 2010

9.  Two types of endosymbiotic bacteria in the enigmatic marine worm Xenoturbella bocki.LinkIT
Kjeldsen KU, Obst M, Nakano H, Funch P, Schramm A
Applied and environmental microbiology, 2010

10.  The mitochondrial genome structure of Xenoturbella bocki (phylum Xenoturbellida) is ancestral within the deuterostomes.LinkIT
Bourlat SJ, Rota-Stabelli O, Lanfear R, Telford MJ
BMC evolutionary biology, 2009