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   Woodbridgea williamsi 

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Woodbridgea williamsi S. S. Berry, 1953 - WoRMS latest edits

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1.  The Panchaetothripinae (Thysanoptera, Thripidae) of Brazil, with one new Caliothrips species.LinkIT
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2.  Whole mitochondrial genome sequence and phylogenetic relationships of Williams's jerboa (Scarturus williamsi) from Turkey.LinkIT
?bi? O
PeerJ, 2020

3.  The Homolidae of the Hawaiian Islands, with notes on the taxonomy of Moloha major (Kubo, 1936) (Crustacea: Decapoda: Brachyura).LinkIT
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4.  Palynological Age Control and Paleoenvironments of the Paleogene Strata in Eastern Dahomey Basin, Southwestern Nigeria.LinkIT
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5.  Ceratopogonidae (Diptera) Communities in a Protected Area Threatened by Urbanization.LinkIT
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6.  New Gnamptodontinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from China and Vietnam, with two genera new for China and seven new species.LinkIT
Tian XX, VAN Achterberg C, Wu JX, Tan JL
Zootaxa, 2020

7.  On Aethiopomyia Malloch (Diptera, Muscidae) with the revision of the type specimens deposited in the Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (Germany) with a key to species.LinkIT
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8.  Frankliniella species from China, with nomenclatural changes and illustrated key (Thysanoptera, Thripidae).LinkIT
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9.  Descriptions, records, and key to the Hydrometra Latreille, 1796 (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Hydrometridae) from Colombia.LinkIT
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10.  Larvae of Caribbean Echinoids Have Small Warming Tolerances for Chronic Stress in Panama.LinkIT
Perricone V, Collin R
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