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   Glycine floribunda 
   Kraunhia floribunda 
   Phaseolodes floribundum 
   Rehsonia floribunda 
   Wisteria floribunda (Japanese wisteria) 
   Wisteria sinensis (Glitziniya (Rus)) 

Broader Terms:
   Glycine (soybean) 

More Specific:
   Wisteria floribunda alba 
   Wisteria floribunda macrobotrys 
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Wisteria sinensis

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Common Names: Japanese wistaria, Japanese wisteria, trubbhagtorn

91.  Histologic Appearance of Iatrogenic Obstructive Hydrocephalus in the Fetal Lamb Model.LinkIT
Emery SP, Greene S, Murdoch G, Wiley CA
Fetal diagnosis and therapy, 2020

92.  On-treatment changes of serum Wisteria floribunda agglutinin-positive Mac-2 binding protein are associated with the regression of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B patients on interferon ? add-on therapy.LinkIT
Liu T, Sun Y, Zhou J, Yang F, Zou X, Wang L, Wu X, Chen Y, Piao H, Lu L, Jiang W, Xu Y, Feng B, Nan Y, Xie W, Chen G, Zheng H, Li H, Ding H, Liu H, Wang T, Ou X, Wu S, Kong Y, Wang P, Cong M, Zhang Y, You H, Jia J
Journal of medical virology, 2019

93.  Risk assessment of hepatocellular carcinoma development by magnetic resonance elastography in chronic hepatitis C patients who achieved sustained virological responses by direct-acting antivirals.LinkIT
Tamaki N, Higuchi M, Kurosaki M, Kirino S, Osawa L, Watakabe K, Wang W, Okada M, Shimizu T, Takaura K, Takada H, Kaneko S, Yasui Y, Tsuchiya K, Nakanishi H, Itakura J, Takahashi Y, Enomoto N, Izumi N
Journal of viral hepatitis, 2019

94.  Quantitative changes in perineuronal nets in development and posttraumatic condition.LinkIT
Lipachev N, Arnst N, Melnikova A, Jäälinoja H, Kochneva A, Zhigalov A, Kulesskaya N, Aganov AV, Mavlikeev M, Rauvala H, Kiyasov AP, Paveliev M
Journal of molecular histology, 2019

95.  Pre-treatment with microRNA-181a Antagomir Prevents Loss of Parvalbumin Expression and Preserves Novel Object Recognition Following Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.LinkIT
Griffiths BB, Sahbaie P, Rao A, Arvola O, Xu L, Liang D, Ouyang Y, Clark DJ, Giffard RG, Stary CM
Neuromolecular medicine, 2019

96.  Identification of mammalian glycoproteins with type-I LacdiNAc structures synthesized by the glycosyltransferase B3GALNT2.LinkIT
Nakane T, Angata K, Sato T, Kaji H, Narimatsu H
The Journal of biological chemistry, 2019

97.  Age-dependent sexual dimorphism in hippocampal cornu ammonis-1 perineuronal net expression in rats.LinkIT
Griffiths BB, Madden AMK, Edwards KA, Zup SL, Stary CM
Brain and behavior, 2019

98.  3D Printing Custom Bioactive and Absorbable Surgical Screws, Pins, and Bone Plates for Localized Drug Delivery.LinkIT
Tappa K, Jammalamadaka U, Weisman JA, Ballard DH, Wolford DD, Pascual-Garrido C, Wolford LM, Woodard PK, Mills DK
Journal of functional biomaterials, 2019

99.  Novel Serum Biomarkers for Noninvasive Diagnosis and Screening of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease-Related Hepatic Fibrosis.LinkIT
Lin B, Ma Y, Wu S, Liu Y, Liu L, Wu L
Omics : a journal of integrative biology, 2019

100.  Variability in Catechin and Rutin Contents and Their Antioxidant Potential in Diverse Apple Genotypes.LinkIT
Shafi W, Mansoor S, Jan S, Singh DB, Kazi M, Raish M, Alwadei M, Mir JI, Ahmad P
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2019