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1.  Removal potential of multiple perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) by submerged macrophytes in aquatic environments: Tolerance of Vallisneria natans and PFAA removal in submerged macrophyte-microbiota systems.LinkIT
Hua ZL, Li XQ, Zhang JY, Gu L
Journal of hazardous materials, 2022

2.  Sulfuriroseicoccus oceanibius gen. nov., sp. nov., a representative of the phylum Verrucomicrobia with a special cytoplasmic membrane.LinkIT
Feng X, Liang QY, Zou QH, Ye MQ, Du ZJ
Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 2022

3.  Gut Microbiota Associated With Different Sea Lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) Life Stages.LinkIT
Mathai PP, Byappanahalli MN, Johnson NS, Sadowsky MJ
Frontiers in microbiology, 2021

4.  Assessing causal relationship from gut microbiota to heel bone mineral density.LinkIT
Ni JJ, Yang XL, Zhang H, Xu Q, Wei XT, Feng GJ, Zhao M, Pei YF, Zhang L
Bone, 2021

5.  Short-Term Fermented Soybeans with Bacillus amyloliquefaciens Potentiated Insulin Secretion Capacity and Improved Gut Microbiome Diversity and Intestinal Integrity To Alleviate Asian Type 2 Diabetic Symptoms.LinkIT
Jeong DY, Daily JW, Lee GH, Ryu MS, Yang HJ, Jeong SY, Qiu JY, Zhang T, Park S
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 2020

6.  Nutrient loading diminishes the dissolved organic carbon drawdown capacity of seagrass ecosystems.LinkIT
Liu S, Deng Y, Jiang Z, Wu Y, Huang X, Macreadie PI
The Science of the total environment, 2020

7.  Spatial Distribution Patterns of Bacterioplankton in the Oxygen Minimum Zone of the Tropical Mexican Pacific.LinkIT
Pajares S, Varona-Cordero F, Hernández-Becerril DU
Microbial ecology, 2020

8.  Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis: Comparison of Intestinal Microbiota between Different Metabolic Profiles. A Pilot Study.LinkIT
De Oliveira JM, Pace FL, Ghetti FF, Barbosa KVBD, Cesar DE, Chebli JMF, Ferreira LEVVC
Journal of gastrointestinal and liver diseases : JGLD, 2020

9.  Natural environments in the urban context and gut microbiota in infants.LinkIT
Nielsen CC, Gascon M, Osornio-Vargas AR, Shier C, Guttman DS, Becker AB, Azad MB, Sears MR, Lefebvre DL, Moraes TJ, Turvey SE, Subbarao P, Takaro TK, Brook JR, Scott JA, Mandhane PJ, Tun HM, Kozyrskyj AL
Environment international, 2020

10.  Treatment with a probiotic combination reduces abdominal adhesion in rats by decreasing intestinal inflammation and restoring microbial composition.LinkIT
Deng X, Zheng C, Wang S, Yang R, Liu Z, Chen T
Oncology reports, 2020