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   Plectropomus leopardus (Ujeeda magat) 

   Holocentrus leopardus 
   Plectropomus laevis (blacksaddled coraltrout) 
   Plectropomus leopardus (bluedotted coraltrout) 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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11.  BCL-2 antagonism sensitizes cytotoxic T cell-resistant HIV reservoirs to elimination ex vivo.LinkIT
Ren Y, Huang SH, Patel S, Alberto WDC, Magat D, Ahimovic D, Macedo AB, Durga R, Chan D, Zale E, Mota TM, Truong R, Rohwetter T, McCann CD, Kovacs CM, Benko E, Wimpelberg A, Cannon C, Hardy WD, Bosque A, Bollard CM, Jones RB
The Journal of clinical investigation, 2020

12.  Integrated Assessment of Viral Transcription, Antigen Presentation, and CD8+ T Cell Function Reveals Multiple Limitations of Class I-Selective Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors during HIV-1 Latency Reversal.LinkIT
Mota TM, McCann CD, Danesh A, Huang SH, Magat DB, Ren Y, Leyre L, Bui TD, Rohwetter TM, Kovacs CM, Benko E, MacLaren L, Wimpelberg A, Cannon CM, Hardy WD, Safrit JT, Jones RB
Journal of virology, 2020

13.  Endogenous IL-33 and Its Autoamplification of IL-33/ST2 Pathway Play an Important Role in Asthma.LinkIT
Magat JM, Thomas JL, Dumouchel JP, Murray F, Li WX, Li J
Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 2020

14.  Assessment of the healing process after percutaneous implantation of a cardiovascular device: a systematic review.LinkIT
Perdreau E, Jalal Z, Walton RD, Naulin J, Magat J, Quesson B, Cochet H, Bernus O, Thambo JB
The international journal of cardiovascular imaging, 2020

15.  Three-dimensional volumetric analysis of the maxillary sinus: a cone-beam computed tomography study.LinkIT
Gulec M, Tassoker M, Magat G, Lale B, Ozcan S, Orhan K
Folia morphologica, 2020

16.  Selective modification of a native protein in a patient tissue homogenate using palladium nanoparticles.LinkIT
Peramo A, Dumas A, Remita H, Benoît M, Yen-Nicolay S, Corre R, Louzada RA, Dupuy C, Pecnard S, Lambert B, Young J, Desmaële D, Couvreur P
Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), 2019

17.  An updated checklist of the marine fish fauna of Redang Islands, Malaysia.LinkIT
Du J, Loh KH, Hu W, Zheng X, Affendi YA, Ooi JLS, Ma Z, Rizman-Idid M, Chan AA
Biodiversity data journal, 2019

18.  Fear effects associated with predator presence and habitat structure interact to alter herbivory on coral reefs.LinkIT
Bauman AG, Seah JCL, Januchowski-Hartley FA, Hoey AS, Fong J, Todd PA
Biology letters, 2019

19.  Evaluation of morphometric features of fossa navicularis using cone-beam computed tomography in a Turkish subpopulation.LinkIT
Magat G
Imaging science in dentistry, 2019

20.  Metastatic breast cancer to bilateral mandibular ramus regions.LinkIT
Magat G, Sener SO, Cetmili H
Journal of cancer research and therapeutics, 2020