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   Plectropomus leopardus (Ujeeda magat) 

   Holocentrus leopardus 
   Plectropomus laevis (Giant coral trout) 
   Plectropomus leopardus (leopard coralgrouper) 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-like fishes) 
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141.  Diplectanids (Monogenea) parasitic on the gills of the coralgroupers Plectropomus laevis and P. leopardus (Perciformes, Serranidae) off New Caledonia, with the description of five new species and the erection of Echinoplectanum n. g.LinkIT
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148.  Kassama v. Magat.LinkIT
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149.  Kassama v. Magat.LinkIT
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150.  Kassama v. Magat.LinkIT
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