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   Tylosis jimenezi 
   Tylosis jimenezii 

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111.  Mutations in AQP5, encoding a water-channel protein, cause autosomal-dominant diffuse nonepidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma.LinkIT
Blaydon DC, Lind LK, Plagnol V, Linton KJ, Smith FJ, Wilson NJ, McLean WH, Munro CS, South AP, Leigh IM, O'Toole EA, Lundström A, Kelsell DP
American journal of human genetics, 2013

112.  Asymptomatic leucoplakia of the prepuce.LinkIT
Velázquez D, Casado I, de la Cueva P, Hernanz JM
Clinical and experimental dermatology, 2013

113.  Complete tylosis formation in a latest Permian conifer stem.LinkIT
Feng Z, Wang J, Rößler R, Kerp H, Wei HB
Annals of botany, 2013

114.  Bullae and psoriasiform hyperkeratosis after treatment with golimumab.LinkIT
Madigan LM, Kaffenberger BH, Wong HK
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 2013

115.  Oral rehabilitation of a case of Papillon-Lefevre syndrome with dental implants.LinkIT
Al Farraj AlDosari A
Saudi medical journal, 2013

116.  Long-term ustekinumab treatment for refractory type I pityriasis rubra pilaris.LinkIT
Di Stefani A, Galluzzo M, Talamonti M, Chiricozzi A, Costanzo A, Chimenti S
Journal of dermatological case reports, 2013

117.  [The perennial problem of keratinisation disorders].LinkIT
Dereure O
Annales de dermatologie et de venereologie, 2013

118.  Epidermolytic palmoplantar keratoderma caused by activation of a cryptic splice site in KRT9.LinkIT
Fuchs-Telem D, Padalon-Brauch G, Sarig O, Sprecher E
Clinical and experimental dermatology, 2013

119.  Dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis: A rare reticulate pigmentary disorder.LinkIT
Shanker V, Gupta M
Indian dermatology online journal, 2013

120.  Botanical pharmacognosy of stem of Gmelina asiatica Linn.LinkIT
Kannan R, Prasant K, Babu UV
Ancient science of life, 2012