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   Tupaiidae (Tree shrews) 

Broader Terms:
   Insectivora (insectivores) 
   Scandentia (Treeshrews) 
   Tupaiidae (Tree shrews) 

More Specific:
   Anathana (Indian Tree Shrews) 
   Dendrogale (Smooth-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Ptilocercinae (Pen-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Ptilocercus (Pen-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Tupaia (Tree shrews) 
   Tupaiinae (Tree shrews) 
   Urogale (Philippine tree shrews) 
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Common Names: Tree shrews, Тупаеобразные

71.  Small Animal Models of Hepatitis E Virus Infection.LinkIT
Li TC, Wakita T
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine, 2019

72.  Conserved structure and function of chemokine CXCL8 between Chinese tree shrews and humans.LinkIT
Jiang Z, Gao B, Hu M, Ding L, Lan Z, Yu M, Yu H, Cui Q, Lin J, Li M
Gene, 2018

73.  Molecular mechanism of the tree shrew's insensitivity to spiciness.LinkIT
Han Y, Li B, Yin TT, Xu C, Ombati R, Luo L, Xia Y, Xu L, Zheng J, Zhang Y, Yang F, Wang GD, Yang S, Lai R
PLoS biology, 2018

74.  Upregulation of chemokine CXCL10 enhances chronic pulmonary inflammation in tree shrew collagen-induced arthritis.LinkIT
Gao B, Lin J, Jiang Z, Yang Z, Yu H, Ding L, Yu M, Cui Q, Dunavin N, Zhang M, Li M
Scientific reports, 2018

75.  New Locality Records of Ixodes granulatus and Ixodes vespertilionis (Acari: Ixodidae) From Tree-Shrews (Scandentia: Tupaiidae) and Bats (Chiroptera: Hipposideridae) in Laos.LinkIT
Vongphayloth K, Douangboubpha B, Sanamxay D, Xayaphet V, Robbins RG, Apanaskevich DA, Sutherland IW, Brey PT
Journal of medical entomology, 2018

76.  Tree shrew neural stem cell transplantation promotes functional recovery of tree shrews with a hemi?sectioned spinal cord injury by upregulating nerve growth factor expression.LinkIT
Xiong LL, Zou Y, Shi Y, Zhang P, Zhang RP, Dai XJ, Liu B, Wang TH
International journal of molecular medicine, 2018

77.  Distinct Frequency Specialization for Detecting Dark Transients in Humans and Tree Shrews.LinkIT
Khani A, Mustafar F, Rainer G
Cell reports, 2018

78.  Experimental myopia increases and scleral crosslinking using genipin inhibits cyclic softening in the tree shrew sclera.LinkIT
Levy AM, Fazio MA, Grytz R
Ophthalmic & physiological optics : the journal of the British College of Ophthalmic Opticians (Optometrists), 2018

79.  The hyperopic effect of narrow-band long-wavelength light in tree shrews increases non-linearly with duration.LinkIT
Ward AH, Norton TT, Huisingh CE, Gawne TJ
Vision research, 2018

80.  CircRNAs in the tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri) brain during postnatal development and aging.LinkIT
Lu C, Sun X, Li N, Wang W, Kuang D, Tong P, Han Y, Dai J
Aging, 2018