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   Tupaiidae (Tree shrews) 

Broader Terms:
   Insectivora (insectivores) 
   Scandentia (Treeshrews) 
   Tupaiidae (Tree shrews) 

More Specific:
   Anathana (Indian Tree Shrews) 
   Dendrogale (Smooth-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Ptilocercinae (Pen-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Ptilocercus (Pen-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Tupaia (Tree shrews) 
   Tupaiinae (Tree shrews) 
   Urogale (Philippine tree shrews) 
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Common Names: Тупаеобразные, Tree shrews

61.  Molecular characterization of the 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase family in the Chinese tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri chinensis).LinkIT
Yao YL, Yu D, Xu L, Fan Y, Wu Y, Gu T, Chen J, Lv LB, Yao YG
Cytokine, 2019

62.  The tree shrew cerebellum atlas: Systematic nomenclature, neurochemical characterization, and afferent projections.LinkIT
Ni RJ, Huang ZH, Luo PH, Ma XH, Li T, Zhou JN
The Journal of comparative neurology, 2018

63.  Donepezil improves the cognitive impairment in a tree shrew model of Alzheimer's disease induced by amyloid-?1-40 via activating the BDNF/TrkB signal pathway.LinkIT
Zheng H, Niu S, Zhao H, Li S, Jiao J
Metabolic brain disease, 2018

64.  Non-volant small mammal data from fragmented forests in Terengganu State.LinkIT
Khalib NKA, Shafie NJ, Basri HH, Nelson BR, Abdullah MT
Data in brief, 2018

65.  Tree shrew as a new animal model to study the pathogenesis of avian influenza (H9N2) virus infection.LinkIT
Li R, Yuan B, Xia X, Zhang S, Du Q, Yang C, Li N, Zhao J, Zhang Y, Zhang R, Feng Y, Jiao J, Peiris M, Zhong N, Mok CKP, Yang Z
Emerging microbes & infections, 2018

66.  Differential effects of clomipramine on depression-like behaviors induced by the chronic social defeat paradigm in tree shrews.LinkIT
Shen F, Qi K, Duan Y, Li Y, Liang J, Meng X, Li M, Sui N
Journal of psychopharmacology (Oxford, England), 2018

67.  Juvenile Tree Shrews Do Not Maintain Emmetropia in Narrow-band Blue Light.LinkIT
Gawne TJ, Ward AH, Norton TT
Optometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry, 2018

68.  Possibilities and limitations of three-dimensional reconstruction and simulation techniques to identify patterns, rhythms and functions of apoptosis in the early developing neural tube.LinkIT
Washausen S, Scheffel T, Brunnett G, Knabe W
History and philosophy of the life sciences, 2018

69.  Divergent Solutions to Visual Problem Solving across Mammalian Species.LinkIT
Mustafar F, Harvey MA, Khani A, Arató J, Rainer G
eNeuro, 2019

70.  A Novel Tree Shrew (Tupaia belangeri) Model of Glaucoma.LinkIT
Samuels BC, Siegwart JT, Zhan W, Hethcox L, Chimento M, Whitley R, Downs JC, Girkin CA
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science, 2018