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   Tupaiidae (Tree shrews) 

Broader Terms:
   Insectivora (insectivores) 
   Scandentia (Tree shrews) 
   Tupaiidae (Tree shrews) 

More Specific:
   Anathana (Indian Tree Shrews) 
   Dendrogale (Smooth-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Ptilocercinae (Pen-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Ptilocercus (Pen-tailed Tree Shrews) 
   Tupaia (Tree shrews) 
   Tupaiinae (Tree shrews) 
   Urogale (Philippine tree shrews) 
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Tupaia belangeri
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Common Names: Тупаеобразные, Tree shrews

11.  WGCNA analysis of the subcutaneous fat transcriptome in a novel tree shrew model.LinkIT
Han Y, Wang W, Jia J, Sun X, Kuang D, Tong P, Li N, Lu C, Zhang H, Dai J
Experimental biology and medicine (Maywood, N.J.), 2020

12.  Social avoidance behavior in male tree shrews and prosocial behavior in male mice toward unfamiliar conspecifics in the laboratory.LinkIT
Ni RJ, Tian Y, Dai XY, Zhao LS, Wei JX, Zhou JN, Ma XH, Li T
Zoological research, 2020

13.  mRNA profiling reveals response regulators of decreased fungal keratitis symptoms in a tree shrew model.LinkIT
Jia J, Wang W, Kuang D, Lu C, Li N, Tong P, Han Y, Sun X, Dai J
Gene, 2020

14.  Small Tropical Mammals Can Take the Heat: High Upper Limits of Thermoneutrality in a Bornean Treeshrew.LinkIT
Thonis A, Ceballos RM, Tuen AA, Lovegrove BG, Levesque DL
Physiological and biochemical zoology : PBZ, 2020

15.  The anatomy of the skin of the Chinese tree shrew is very similar to that of human skin.LinkIT
Zhang J, Luo RC, Man XY, Lv LB, Yao YG, Zheng M
Zoological research, 2020

16.  Radiation-induced impairment of optic nerve axonal transport in tree shrews and rats monitored by longitudinal manganese-enhanced MRI.LinkIT
Yang J, Li Q, Han D, Liao C, Wang P, Gao J, Xu Z, Liu Y
Neurotoxicology, 2020

17.  Comparative genomic analysis of Proteus spp. isolated from tree shrews indicated unexpectedly high genetic diversity.LinkIT
Gu W, Wang W, Tong P, Liu C, Jia J, Lu C, Han Y, Sun X, Kuang D, Li N, Dai J
PloS one, 2020

18.  Ischemic Postconditioning Mitigates Retinopathy in Tree Shrews with Diabetic Cerebral Ischemia.LinkIT
Zhao L, Liao Q, Zhang Y, Tan S, Li S, Ke T
Journal of diabetes research, 2020

19.  Involvement of dopamine D3 receptor and dopamine transporter in methamphetamine-induced behavioral sensitization in tree shrews.LinkIT
Huang J, Yang G, Li Z, Leung CK, Wang W, Li Y, Liu L, Shen B, He C, He Y, Zeng X, Li J
Brain and behavior, 2020

20.  Improving Alzheimer's disease by altering gut microbiota in tree shrews with ginsenoside Rg1.LinkIT
Wang L, Lu J, Zeng Y, Guo Y, Wu C, Zhao H, Zheng H, Jiao J
FEMS microbiology letters, 2020