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   Trypodendron lineatum (striped ambrosia beetle) 

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Common Names: scolyte birayé, Escarabajo rayado, striped ambrosia beetle, scolyte birayé, Gestreifter borkenkäfer

1.  Metabarcoding of fungal communities associated with bark beetles.LinkIT
Miller KE, Hopkins K, Inward DJ, Vogler AP
Ecology and evolution, 2016

2.  Three genera in the Ceratocystidaceae are the respective symbionts of three independent lineages of ambrosia beetles with large, complex mycangia.LinkIT
Mayers CG, McNew DL, Harrington TC, Roeper RA, Fraedrich SW, Biedermann PHW, Castrillo LA, Reed SE
Fungal biology, 2015

3.  Epitypification of Ophiostoma galeiforme and phylogeny of species in the O. galeiforme complex.LinkIT
Zhou X, de Beer ZW, Harrington TC, McNew D, Kirisits T, Wingfield MJ
Mycologia, 2012

4.  Effect of ethanol and ?-pinene on response of ambrosia beetle,Trypodendron lineatum, to lineatin-baited funnel and drainpipe traps.LinkIT
Shore TL, Lindgren BS
Journal of chemical ecology, 1996

5.  Ethanol and ambrosia beetles in Douglas fir logs with and without branches.LinkIT
Kelsey RG
Journal of chemical ecology, 1994

6.  Flight behavior of scolytid beetle in response to semiochemicals at different wind speeds.LinkIT
Salom SM, McLean JA
Journal of chemical ecology, 1991

7.  Flight and landing behavior ofTrypodendron lineatum (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in response to different semiochemicals.LinkIT
Salom SM, McLean JA
Journal of chemical ecology, 1990

8.  Attraction of scolytids and associated beetles by different absolute amounts and proportions of ?-pinene and ethanol.LinkIT
Schroeder LM, Lindelöw A
Journal of chemical ecology, 1989

9.  Nematode parasites and associates of Dendroctonus spp. and Trypodendron lineatum (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), with a description of Bursaphelenchus varicauda n.sp.LinkIT
Thong CH, Webster JM
Journal of nematology, 1983

10.  Pheromone mask produced by male Trypodendron lineatum (Coleoptera: Scolytidae).LinkIT
Borden JH
Canadian journal of zoology, 1974