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   Triphysaria (owl's-clover) 

Broader Terms:
   Scrophulariaceae (figwort) 
   Triphysaria (owl's-clover) 

More Specific:
   Triphysaria chinensis 
   Triphysaria eriantha (johnny-tuck) 
   Triphysaria eriantha eriantha (johnny-tuck) 
   Triphysaria eriantha rosea (johnny-tuck) 
   Triphysaria floribunda (San Francisco owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria hispida 
   Triphysaria micrantha (purplebeak owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria pusilla (dwarf owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria versicolor (yellowbeak owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria versicolor faucibarbata 
   Triphysaria versicolor faucibarbatus (yellowbeak owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria versicolor versicolor (yellowbeak owl's-clover) 
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Common Names: owl's-clover

11.  Functional genomics of a generalist parasitic plant: laser microdissection of host-parasite interface reveals host-specific patterns of parasite gene expression.LinkIT
Honaas LA, Wafula EK, Yang Z, Der JP, Wickett NJ, Altman NS, Taylor CG, Yoder JI, Timko MP, Westwood JH, dePamphilis CW
BMC plant biology, 2013

12.  The TvPirin gene is necessary for haustorium development in the parasitic plant Triphysaria versicolor.LinkIT
Bandaranayake PC, Tomilov A, Tomilova NB, Ngo QA, Wickett N, dePamphilis CW, Yoder JI
Plant physiology, 2012

13.  Transcriptomes of the parasitic plant family Orobanchaceae reveal surprising conservation of chlorophyll synthesis.LinkIT
Wickett NJ, Honaas LA, Wafula EK, Das M, Huang K, Wu B, Landherr L, Timko MP, Yoder J, Westwood JH, dePamphilis CW
Current biology : CB, 2011

14.  A single-electron reducing quinone oxidoreductase is necessary to induce haustorium development in the root parasitic plant Triphysaria.LinkIT
Bandaranayake PC, Filappova T, Tomilov A, Tomilova NB, Jamison-McClung D, Ngo Q, Inoue K, Yoder JI
The Plant cell, 2010

15.  A full-length enriched cDNA library and expressed sequence tag analysis of the parasitic weed, Striga hermonthica.LinkIT
Yoshida S, Ishida JK, Kamal NM, Ali AM, Namba S, Shirasu K
BMC plant biology, 2010

16.  RNA translocation between parasitic plants and their hosts.LinkIT
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17.  Trans-specific gene silencing between host and parasitic plants.LinkIT
Tomilov AA, Tomilova NB, Wroblewski T, Michelmore R, Yoder JI
The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology, 2008

18.  From annuals to perennials: phylogeny of subtribe Castillejinae (Orobanchaceae).LinkIT
Tank DC, Olmstead RG
American journal of botany, 2008

19.  Striga infestation of cereal crops - an unsolved problem in resource limited agriculture.LinkIT
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Current opinion in plant biology, 2008

20.  Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Agrobacterium rhizogenes transformed roots of the parasitic plant Triphysaria versicolor retain parasitic competence.LinkIT
Tomilov A, Tomilova N, Yoder JI
Planta, 2007