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   Triphysaria (owl's-clover) 

Broader Terms:
   Scrophulariaceae (figwort) 
   Triphysaria (owl's-clover) 

More Specific:
   Triphysaria chinensis 
   Triphysaria eriantha (johnny-tuck) 
   Triphysaria eriantha eriantha (johnny-tuck) 
   Triphysaria eriantha rosea (johnny-tuck) 
   Triphysaria floribunda (San Francisco owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria hispida 
   Triphysaria micrantha (purplebeak owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria pusilla (dwarf owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria versicolor (yellowbeak owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria versicolor faucibarbata 
   Triphysaria versicolor faucibarbatus (yellowbeak owl's-clover) 
   Triphysaria versicolor versicolor (yellowbeak owl's-clover) 
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Common Names: owl's-clover

1.  Orobanchaceae parasite-host interactions.LinkIT
Mutuku JM, Cui S, Yoshida S, Shirasu K
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2.  Kin Recognition in the Parasitic Plant Triphysaria versicolor Is Mediated Through Root Exudates.LinkIT
Wang Y, Murdock M, Lai SWT, Steele DB, Yoder JI
Frontiers in plant science, 2020

3.  Small-Molecule Screens Reveal Novel Haustorium Inhibitors in the Root Parasitic Plant Triphysaria versicolor.LinkIT
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Phytopathology, 2019

4.  Risk versus reward: host dependent parasite mortality rates and phenotypes in the facultative generalist Triphysaria versicolor.LinkIT
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BMC plant biology, 2019

5.  Comparative Metabolomics of Early Development of the Parasitic Plants Phelipanche aegyptiaca and Triphysaria versicolor.LinkIT
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Metabolites, 2019

6.  Genome-wide identification of MST, SUT and SWEET family sugar transporters in root parasitic angiosperms and analysis of their expression during host parasitism.LinkIT
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7.  Factors affecting the efficiency of Rhizobium rhizogenes root transformation of the root parasitic plant Triphysaria versicolor and its host Arabidopsis thaliana.LinkIT
Bandaranayake PCG, Yoder JI
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8.  Quinone oxidoreductase 2 is involved in haustorium development of the parasitic plant Phtheirospermum japonicum.LinkIT
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9.  Trans-specific gene silencing of acetyl-CoA carboxylase in a root-parasitic plant.LinkIT
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10.  The differentially regulated genes TvQR1 and TvPirin of the parasitic plant Triphysaria exhibit distinctive natural allelic diversity.LinkIT
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