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   Triaenophorichthys barbatus 
   Tridentiger barbatus (Shokihaze goby) 

Broader Terms:
   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
   Tridentiger (chameleon gobies) 
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Common Names: ショウキハゼ, 须缟鰕虎, 髭縞鰕虎魚, 髭缟鰕虎鱼, Cá Bống râu, Shôkihaze, Cá B?ng râu, 髭鰕虎鱼, 鬚縞鰕虎, Shokihaze goby, 髭鰕虎魚

51.  Proximate, fatty acids and metals in edible marine bivalves from Italian market: Beneficial and risk for consumers health.LinkIT
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52.  The Ecology of Collective Behavior in Ants.LinkIT
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53.  Caligus mulli n. sp. (Copepoda: Caligidae) parasitic on two Mullid fishes from the eastern Mediterranean and adjacent Atlantic waters.LinkIT
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54.  Acute and Chronic Lead Exposure in Four Avian Scavenger Species in Switzerland.LinkIT
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55.  The Role of Dopamine in the Collective Regulation of Foraging in Harvester Ants.LinkIT
Friedman DA, Pilko A, Skowronska-Krawczyk D, Krasinska K, Parker JW, Hirsh J, Gordon DM
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56.  Genetic diversity and population structure analyses of Plectranthus edulis (Vatke) Agnew collections from diverse agro-ecologies in Ethiopia using newly developed EST-SSRs marker system.LinkIT
Gadissa F, Tesfaye K, Dagne K, Geleta M
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57.  Microplastics in mussels and fish from the Northern Ionian Sea.LinkIT
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58.  Drivers of daily movement patterns affecting an endangered vulture flight activity.LinkIT
García-Jiménez R, Pérez-García JM, Margalida A
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59.  A holistic approach to the age validation of Mullus barbatus L., 1758 in the Southern Adriatic Sea (Central Mediterranean).LinkIT
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60.  Phytochemical analysis and evaluation of the cytotoxic, antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of essential oils from three Plectranthus species grown in Saudi Arabia.LinkIT
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