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   Colisa lalia (Sunset gourami) 
   Trichopodus lalius 

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   Perciformes (perch-likes) 
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Colisa lalia
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Common Names: Almindelig dværggurami, Lal kholisha, нитеносец лялиусов, 拉利毛足鲈(小密鲈), লাল খৈলসা, Kääpiörihmakala, Red lalia, Dvärggurami, 拉利毛足鱸(小密鱸), Zwergfadenfisch, Pretnik karlowaty, Sunset gourami, Lal khailsha, Lalkhoilsa, Dwarf gouramy, Roter Zwergfadenfisch, Dwarf gourami

21.  Immunohistochemical double-labeling study of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH)-immunoreactive cells and oxytocin-immunoreactive cells in the preoptic area of the dwarf gourami, Colisa lalia.LinkIT
Maejima K, Oka Y, Park MK, Kawashima S
Neuroscience research, 1994

22.  Iridovirus-like virions in imported dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia) with systemic amoebiasis.LinkIT
Anderson IG, Prior HC, Rodwell BJ, Harris GO
Australian veterinary journal, 1993

23.  Pesticide-induced atresia in ovary of a fresh water fish, Colisa lalia (Hamilton-Buchanan).LinkIT
Sukumar A, Karpagaganapathy PR
Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 1992

24.  Ultrastructure of the ganglion cells of the terminal nerve in the dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia).LinkIT
Oka Y, Ichikawa M
The Journal of comparative neurology, 1991

25.  Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) immunoreactive system in the brain of the dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia) as revealed by light microscopic immunocytochemistry using a monoclonal antibody to common amino acid sequence of GnRH.LinkIT
Oka Y, Ichikawa M
The Journal of comparative neurology, 1990

26.  Use of cover and the need to breathe: the effects of hypoxia on vulnerability of dwarf gouramis to predatory snakeheads.LinkIT
Wolf NG, Kramer DL
Oecologia, 1987

27.  Retinopetal projections from a subpopulation of ganglion cells of the nervus terminalis in the dwarf gourami (Colisa lalia).LinkIT
Oka Y, Munro AD, Lam TJ
Brain research, 1986

28.  Localization of prolactin uptake by the kidney of the teleostean, Colisa lalia.LinkIT
Gona O
General and comparative endocrinology, 1984

29.  Toxic effects of mammalian prolactin on Colisa lalia and two other related teleostean fish.LinkIT
Gona O
General and comparative endocrinology, 1979

30.  [Ethology and phylogeny of the family Belontiidae (Anabantoidei, pisces)].LinkIT
Vierke J
Zeitschrift fur Tierpsychologie, 1975