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   Trichopoda (Feather-legged Flies) 

Broader Terms:
   Tachinidae (Parasite Flies) 
   Trichopoda (Feather-legged Flies) 

More Specific:
   Trichopoda (Feather-legged Flies) 
   Trichopoda alipes 
   Trichopoda apicalis 
   Trichopoda arcuata 
   Trichopoda aurantiaca 
   Trichopoda bicolor 
   Trichopoda bosqi 
   Trichopoda christenseni 
   Trichopoda ciliata 
   Trichopoda cilipes 
   Trichopoda decisa 
   Trichopoda flava 
   Trichopoda flavicornis 
   Trichopoda formosa 
   Trichopoda giacomelli 
   Trichopoda giacomellii 
   Trichopoda gustavoi 
   Trichopoda haitensis 
   Trichopoda histrio 
   Trichopoda histrio indivisa 
   Trichopoda incognita 
   Trichopoda inconstans 
   Trichopoda indivisa 
   Trichopoda lanipes 
   Trichopoda lateralis 
   Trichopoda limbata 
   Trichopoda luteipennis 
   Trichopoda melanopus 
   Trichopoda mexicana 
   Trichopoda nigricauda 
   Trichopoda nigrifrontalis 
   Trichopoda nigripennis 
   Trichopoda nigripes 
   Trichopoda nitidiventris 
   Trichopoda obscura 
   Trichopoda pennipes 
   Trichopoda phasiana 
   Trichopoda pictipennis 
   Trichopoda pilipes 
   Trichopoda plumipes 
   Trichopoda pyrrhogaster 
   Trichopoda radiata 
   Trichopoda squamipes 
   Trichopoda subalipes 
   Trichopoda subcilipes 
   Trichopoda subdivisa 
   Trichopoda tegulata 
   Trichopoda trifasciata 
   Trichopoda tropicalis 
   Trichopoda umbra 
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Trichopoda giacomellii

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Did you mean: Trichopode or Trichopodus?

Common Names: Feather-legged Flies

1.  Genome-wide identification and characterization of small auxin-up RNA (SAUR) gene family in plants: evolution and expression profiles during normal growth and stress response.LinkIT
Zhang H, Yu Z, Yao X, Chen J, Chen X, Zhou H, Lou Y, Ming F, Jin Y
BMC plant biology, 2021

2.  Transcriptomic and Proteomic Insights into Amborella trichopoda Male Gametophyte Functions.LinkIT
Flores-Tornero M, Vogler F, Mutwil M, Pot??il D, Ihnatová I, Zdráhal Z, Sprunck S, Dresselhaus T
Plant physiology, 2020

3.  Comparative analyses of angiosperm secretomes identify apoplastic pollen tube functions and novel secreted peptides.LinkIT
Flores-Tornero M, Wang L, Pot??il D, Hafidh S, Vogler F, Zdráhal Z, Honys D, Sprunck S, Dresselhaus T
Plant reproduction, 2020

4.  Intragenomic Polymorphism of the ITS 1 Region of 35S rRNA Gene in the Group of Grasses with Two-Chromosome Species: Different Genome Composition in Closely Related Zingeria Species.LinkIT
Rodionov AV, Gnutikov AA, Nosov NN, Machs EM, Mikhaylova YV, Shneyer VS, Punina EO
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5.  Taxonomic revision of the genus Trichopoda Berthold, 1827 (Diptera: Tachinidae: Phasiinae), with emphasis on the Neotropical fauna.LinkIT
Dios RVP, Nihei SS
Zootaxa, 2020

6.  Large-scale survey reveals pervasiveness and potential function of endogenous geminiviral sequences in plants.LinkIT
Sharma V, Lefeuvre P, Roumagnac P, Filloux D, Teycheney PY, Martin DP, Maumus F
Virus evolution, 2020

7.  Spontaneous emission of volatiles from the male flowers of the early-branching angiosperm Amborella trichopoda.LinkIT
Peruzzi L, Roma-Marzio F, Flamini G
Planta, 2020

8.  Evolutionary divergence of function and expression of laccase genes in plants.LinkIT
Liu M, Dong H, Wang M, Liu Q
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9.  Exploring the Phytochemical Landscape of the Early-Diverging Flowering Plant Amborella trichopoda Baill.LinkIT
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10.  Use of Flowering Plants to Enhance Parasitism and Predation Rates on Two Squash Bug Species Anasa tristis and Anasa armigera (Hemiptera: Coreidae).LinkIT
Cornelius ML, Vinyard BT, Gates MW
Insects, 2019