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   Trachypithecus phayrei (phayre's leaf monkey) 

Broader Terms:
   Trachypithecus (Leaf-monkeys) 

More Specific:
   Trachypithecus phayrei crepusculus 
   Trachypithecus phayrei phayrei 
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Common Names: Phayre's Langur, Phayrelangoer, phayre's leaf monkey

1.  Diet and feeding behavior of a group of 42 Phayre's langurs in a seasonal habitat in Mt. Gaoligong, Yunnan, China.LinkIT
Ma C, Fan PF, Zhang ZY, Li JH, Shi XC, Xiao W
American journal of primatology, 2017

2.  Growing up tough: Comparing the effects of food toughness on juvenile feeding in Sapajus libidinosus and Trachypithecus phayrei crepusculus.LinkIT
Chalk-Wilayto J, Ossi-Lupo K, Raguet-Schofield M
Journal of human evolution, 2016

3.  The meaning of weaning in wild Phayre's leaf monkeys: last nipple contact, survival, and independence.LinkIT
Borries C, Lu A, Ossi-Lupo K, Larney E, Koenig A
American journal of physical anthropology, 2014

4.  Molecular phylogeny and divergence time of Trachypithecus: with implications for the taxonomy of T. phayrei.LinkIT
He K, Hu NQ, Orkin JD, Nyein DT, Ma C, Xiao W, Fan PF, Jiang XL
Dong wu xue yan jiu = Zoological research, 2012

5.  Juggling priorities: female mating tactics in Phayre's leaf monkeys.LinkIT
Lu A, Beehner JC, Czekala NM, Borries C
American journal of primatology, 2012

6.  Primate life histories and dietary adaptations: a comparison of Asian colobines and macaques.LinkIT
Borries C, Lu A, Ossi-Lupo K, Larney E, Koenig A
American journal of physical anthropology, 2011

7.  Phytochemicals and reproductive function in wild female Phayre's leaf monkeys (Trachypithecus phayrei crepusculus).LinkIT
Lu A, Beehner JC, Czekala NM, Koenig A, Larney E, Borries C
Hormones and behavior, 2011

8.  Reproductive characteristics of wild female Phayre's leaf monkeys.LinkIT
Lu A, Borries C, Czekala NM, Beehner JC
American journal of primatology, 2010

9.  Craniodental mechanics and diet in Asian colobines: Morphological evidence of mature seed predation and sclerocarpy.LinkIT
Koyabu DB, Endo H
American journal of physical anthropology, 2010

10.  Genetic relationships of langur species using AFLP markers.LinkIT
Chaveerach A, Tanee T, Sattayasai N, Tanomtong A, Suareze SA, Nuchadomrong S
Pakistan journal of biological sciences : PJBS, 2007