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   Paratrachichthys trailli (roughy) 
   Trachichthys macleayi 

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21.  Configuring the mesh size, side taper and wing depth of penaeid trawls to reduce environmental impacts.LinkIT
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22.  Toxicity of magnesium pulses to tropical freshwater species and the development of a duration-based water quality guideline.LinkIT
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23.  Highly treated mine waters may require major ion addition before environmental release.LinkIT
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24.  Mathematical model of cycad cones' thermogenic temperature responses: inverse calorimetry to estimate metabolic heating rates.LinkIT
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25.  Dissolved organic carbon reduces the toxicity of aluminum to three tropical freshwater organisms.LinkIT
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29.  Comparative salinity tolerance of three indigenous tropical freshwater cladoceran species; Moinodaphnia macleayi, Ceriodaphnia rigaudii and Diaphanosoma brachyurum.LinkIT
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30.  Comparative sensitivity of three tropical cladoceran species (Diaphanosoma brachyurum, Ceriodaphnia rigaudii and Moinodaphnia macleayi) to six chemicals.LinkIT
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