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   Paratrachichthys trailli (sandpaper fish) 
   Trachichthys macleayi 

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11.  New species of Otiothopinae (Araneae: Palpimanidae) from Colombia.LinkIT
Cala-Riquelme F, Quijano-Cuervo L, Sabogal-gonzÁlez A, Agnarsson I
Zootaxa, 2018

12.  A taxonomic review of the Selenophori group (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Harpalini) in the West Indies, with descriptions of new species and notes about classification and biogeography.LinkIT
Shpeley D, Hunting W, Ball GE
ZooKeys, 2017

13.  Depuration of perfluoroalkyl substances from the edible tissues of wild-caught invertebrate species.LinkIT
Taylor MD, Bowles KC, Johnson DD, Moltschaniwskyj NA
The Science of the total environment, 2017

14.  Revision of the types of male Sciaridae (Diptera) described from Australia by F.A.A. Skuse.LinkIT
Broadley A, Kauschke E, Mohrig W
Zootaxa, 2016

15.  Thermogenic respiratory processes drive the exponential increase of volatile organic compound emissions in Macrozamia cycad cones.LinkIT
Terry LI, Roemer RB, Booth DT, Moore CJ, Walter GH
Plant, cell & environment, 2016

16.  Neostasina gen. nov., a new genus of huntsman spiders from the Neotropical region (Araneae, Sparassidae, Sparianthinae).LinkIT
Rheims CA
Zootaxa, 2016

17.  Manganese toxicity to tropical freshwater species in low hardness water.LinkIT
Harford AJ, Mooney TJ, Trenfield MA, van Dam RA
Environmental toxicology and chemistry, 2015

18.  A 'simple anterior fish excluder' (SAFE) for mitigating penaeid-trawl bycatch.LinkIT
McHugh MJ, Broadhurst MK, Sterling DJ, Millar RB
PloS one, 2015

19.  Identifying the cause of toxicity of a saline mine water.LinkIT
van Dam RA, Harford AJ, Lunn SA, Gagnon MM
PloS one, 2014

20.  Effect of metals on Daphnia magna and cladocerans representatives of the Argentinean fluvial littoral.LinkIT
Luciana R, Reno U, Gervasio S, Horacio T, Gagneten AM
Journal of environmental biology, 2014