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Broader Terms:
   Aphididae (aphids) 

More Specific:
   Toxoptera aeglis 
   Toxoptera alaterna 
   Toxoptera aphoides 
   Toxoptera argentiniensis 
   Toxoptera argrimoniae 
   Toxoptera auranti 
   Toxoptera aurantiae 
   Toxoptera aurantii (black citrus aphid) 
   Toxoptera auruntii 
   Toxoptera camelliae 
   Toxoptera caricis 
   Toxoptera cidricida 
   Toxoptera citricida (black citrus aphid) 
   Toxoptera citricidae 
   Toxoptera citricidus 
   Toxoptera citrifoliae 
   Toxoptera clematidis 
   Toxoptera coffeae 
   Toxoptera coffeae thomensis 
   Toxoptera djarani 
   Toxoptera nigricans 
   Toxoptera odinae 
   Toxoptera papaveris 
   Toxoptera papaveris buxi 
   Toxoptera schlingeri 
   Toxoptera tavaresi 
   Toxoptera theaecola 
   Toxoptera theobromae 
   Toxoptera variegata 
   Toxoptera victoriae 
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1.  Different Host Plants Distinctly Influence the Feeding Ability of the Brown Citrus Aphid Toxoptera citricida.LinkIT
Zhao R, Wu C, He Y, Yu C, Liu J, Li T, Zhou C, Chen W
Insects, 2021

2.  First Report of Citrus tristeza virus Infecting Citrus Trees in Georgia, USA.LinkIT
Ali E, Bennett A, Stackhouse T, Waliullah S, Oliver JE
Plant disease, 2021

3.  Aphids Are Unable to Ingest Phloem Sap from the Peduncles of Lime Fruits.LinkIT
Vázquez C, Carmo-Sousa M, Lopes JRS, Fereres A, Moreno A
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2020

4.  Citrus tristeza virus P33 Protein is Required for Efficient Transmission by the Aphid Aphis (Toxoptera) citricidus (Kirkaldy).LinkIT
Shilts T, El-Mohtar C, Dawson WO, Killiny N
Viruses, 2020

5.  Asymmetric Interaction between Aphis spiraecola and Toxoptera citricida on Sweet Orange Induced by Pre-Infestation.LinkIT
Gao J, Arthurs S, Mao R
Insects, 2020

6.  Identification and evaluation of reliable reference genes for quantitative real-time PCR analysis in tea plants under differential biotic stresses.LinkIT
Xu W, Dong Y, Yu Y, Xing Y, Li X, Zhang X, Hou X, Sun X
Scientific reports, 2020

7.  Effects of elevated CO2 on foliar soluble nutrients and functional components of tea, and population dynamics of tea aphid, Toxoptera aurantii.LinkIT
Li L, Wang M, Pokharel SS, Li C, Parajulee MN, Chen F, Fang W
Plant physiology and biochemistry : PPB, 2019

8.  Selection of Reference Genes for RT-qPCR Analysis Under Intrinsic Conditions in the Hawthorn Spider Mite, Amphitetranychus viennensis (Acarina: Tetranychidae).LinkIT
Yang J, Gao Y, Liu Z, Lu J, Zhang Y, Zhang P, Fan J, Zhou X, Fan R
Frontiers in physiology, 2019

9.  The mitochondrial genome of the brown citrus aphid Aphis (Toxoptera) citricidus: Insights into the repeat regions in aphids and phylogenetic implications.LinkIT
Wei DD, Lang N, Tao Y, He W, Tu YQ, Miao ZQ, Yang L, Wang JJ
International journal of biological macromolecules, 2019

10.  CTV Vectors and Interactions with the Virus and Host Plants.LinkIT
Yokomi R
Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), 2019