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   Thunbergia bogoroensis 

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   Thunbergia (Clock Vine) 

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1.  New records in vascular plants alien to Tenerife (Spain, Canary Islands).LinkIT
Verloove F
Biodiversity data journal, 2021

2.  Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Activity of Andrographis paniculata Extract and Its Major Component Andrographolide in Human Lung Epithelial Cells and Cytotoxicity Evaluation in Major Organ Cell Representatives.LinkIT
Sa-Ngiamsuntorn K, Suksatu A, Pewkliang Y, Thongsri P, Kanjanasirirat P, Manopwisedjaroen S, Charoensutthivarakul S, Wongtrakoongate P, Pitiporn S, Chaopreecha J, Kongsomros S, Jearawuttanakul K, Wannalo W, Khemawoot P, Chutipongtanate S, Borwornpinyo S, Thitithanyanont A, Hongeng S
Journal of natural products, 2021

3.  Peculiarities of the inverted repeats in the complete chloroplast genome of Strobilanthes bantonensis Lindau.LinkIT
Wu W, Li J, Liu Y, Jiang M, Lan M, Liu C
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

4.  A new 26-norlanostane from Phlogacanthus turgidus growing in Vietnam.LinkIT
Tri MD, Phat NT, Trung NT, Phan CD, Minh PN, Chi MT, Nguyen TP, Dang CH, Hong Truong L, Pham NKT, Mai TTN, Duong TH
Journal of Asian natural products research, 2021

5.  Efficacy of Phytochemicals Derived from Avicennia officinalis for the Management of COVID-19: A Combined In Silico and Biochemical Study.LinkIT
Mahmud S, Paul GK, Afroze M, Islam S, Gupt SBR, Razu MH, Biswas S, Zaman S, Uddin MS, Khan M, Cacciola NA, Emran TB, Saleh MA, Capasso R, Simal-Gandara J
Molecules (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

6.  Adhatoda Vasica attenuates inflammatory and hypoxic responses in preclinical mouse models: potential for repurposing in COVID-19-like conditions.LinkIT
Gheware A, Dholakia D, Kannan S, Panda L, Rani R, Pattnaik BR, Jain V, Parekh Y, Enayathullah MG, Bokara KK, Subramanian V, Mukerji M, Agrawal A, Prasher B
Respiratory research, 2021

7.  The complete chloroplast genome of Acanthus ilicifolius, an excellent mangrove plant.LinkIT
Xu L, Wang XR, Sun K, Yu T, Xu JH, Ding PX, Tang LM, Zhang DX, Guan WB
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources, 2021

8.  Optimizing Conditions for Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Polyphenolic Content and Antioxidant Activity of Barleria lupulina Lindl.LinkIT
Ismail-Suhaimy NW, Gani SSA, Zaidan UH, Halmi MIE, Bawon P
Plants (Basel, Switzerland), 2021

9.  Reproductive character displacement and potential underlying drivers in a species-rich and florally diverse lineage of tropical angiosperms (Ruellia; Acanthaceae).LinkIT
Tripp EA, Dexter KG, Stone HB
Ecology and evolution, 2021

10.  Floral morphs of Justicia adhatoda L. differ in fruit and seed, but not floral, traits or pollinator visitation.LinkIT
Berry E, Geeta R
Journal of biosciences, 2021