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   Thunbergia alba 

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   Thunbergia (Clock Vine) 

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1.  Metals geochemistry and ecological risk assessment in a tropical mangrove (Can Gio, Vietnam).LinkIT
Thanh-Nho N, Marchand C, Strady E, Vinh TV, Nhu-Trang TT
Chemosphere, 2019

2.  Sediment quality, elemental bioaccumulation and antimicrobial properties of mangroves of Indian Sundarban.LinkIT
Bakshi M, Ghosh S, Ram SS, Sudarshan M, Chakraborty A, Biswas JK, Shaheen SM, Niazi NK, Rinklebe J, Chaudhuri P
Environmental geochemistry and health, 2019

3.  Phenolics from Barleria cristata var. Alba as carcinogenesis blockers against menadione cytotoxicity through induction and protection of quinone reductase.LinkIT
El-Halawany AM, Abdallah HM, Hamed AR, Khalil HE, Almohammadi AM
BMC complementary and alternative medicine, 2018

4.  Evaluation of multilocus marker efficacy for delineating mangrove species of West Coast India.LinkIT
Saddhe AA, Jamdade RA, Kumar K
PloS one, 2017

5.  Re-Evaluation of Phylogenetic Relationships among Species of the Mangrove Genus Avicennia from Indo-West Pacific Based on Multilocus Analyses.LinkIT
Li X, Duke NC, Yang Y, Huang L, Zhu Y, Zhang Z, Zhou R, Zhong C, Huang Y, Shi S
PloS one, 2016

6.  Preliminary assessment of post-Haiyan mangrove damage and short-term recovery in Eastern Samar, central Philippines.LinkIT
Primavera JH, Dela Cruz M, Montilijao C, Consunji H, Dela Paz M, Rollon RN, Maranan K, Samson MS, Blanco A
Marine pollution bulletin, 2016

7.  Cloning, Characterization and Expression Pattern Analysis of a Cytosolic Copper/Zinc Superoxide Dismutase (SaCSD1) in a Highly Salt Tolerant Mangrove (Sonneratia alba).LinkIT
Yang E, Yi S, Bai F, Niu D, Zhong J, Wu Q, Chen S, Zhou R, Wang F
International journal of molecular sciences, 2015

8.  Jiangella mangrovi sp. nov., isolated from mangrove soil.LinkIT
Suksaard P, Duangmal K, Srivibool R, Xie Q, Hong K, Pathom-aree W
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology, 2015

9.  Adulticidal and repellent properties of indigenous plant extracts against Culex quinquefasciatus and Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae).LinkIT
Govindarajan M, Sivakumar R
Parasitology research, 2012

10.  Mosquito adulticidal and repellent activities of botanical extracts against malarial vector, Anopheles stephensi Liston (Diptera: Culicidae).LinkIT
Govindarajan M, Sivakumar R
Asian Pacific journal of tropical medicine, 2011