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   Leiocephalus semilineatus (Thomazeau Curlytail Lizard) 

   Leiocephalus semilineatus (Thomazeau Curlytail Lizard) 

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   Leiocephalus (curly-tailed lizards) 
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21.  Popeye sign: Frequency and functional impact.LinkIT
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22.  Phylogeny and salt-tolerance of freshwater Nostocales strains: Contribution to their systematics and evolution.LinkIT
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23.  Low prevalence of osteoporosis treatment in patients with recurrent major osteoporotic fracture.LinkIT
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25.  A new approach for endoscopic neurolysis of the suprascapular nerve at the spinoglenoid notch: A preliminary cadaver study.LinkIT
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26.  Serial clinical and MRI examinations after arthroscopic rotator cuff reconstruction using double-row technique.LinkIT
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27.  [Prognostic indices for older adults during the year following hospitalization in an acute medical ward: An update].LinkIT
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29.  Reelin-Haploinsufficiency Disrupts the Developmental Trajectory of the E/I Balance in the Prefrontal Cortex.LinkIT
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30.  Anatomical and morphological study of the subcoracoacromial canal.LinkIT
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